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His father left when he was a child to find the treasure of the stars, his mother passed away, he hasn't seen his uncle in years, and with the appearance of the royal army on South Breeze Island, things aren't looking on the bright side for Hunter. What he can… Read More

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This book is about a girl's Imaginary world and her past. She wants to make everything back to perfect in life will she be successful in doing it, will she get the love of her life that she imagines to be like the Mr. Perfect . Lets see the journey… Read More

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I've watched you walk a thousand miles in order to achieve goals that probably would've broke another individual down to their knees. Not everyone sees the weight you carry on your shoulders, but I recognize and will continuously assist in making sure you shine just as bright as the stars… Read More
A rather candid poem, suffice enough to say Read More
This Grand Rising, I sang a song I initially thought was new. However, there was no artist in this lifetime that had produced such a magnificent piece. As I reached the end of the song, i began to have flashbacks to what seemed like a past life revealing the true… Read More

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I’ve always wanted to be a professional soccer player. I’ve always thought I had what it takes. I never thought I’d sacrifice so much in the pursuit of achieving my childhood dream. I never thought I’d overcome so many obstacles. It’s funny how once I got to the professional soccer… Read More

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There stands a tower of Truth that has been banging at the door in my mind and heart. Today, I am to deliver such truth onto the souls of those that are meant to hear such a message, and realize the power that stands strong in within yourself as well.… Read More

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An outside view can bring more clarity to a vision that is seen upfront by one's own spirit. Today, we explore the deep depths of just how much beauty lies within one's own journey, by shedding light on a marvelous Star from up above that resides down here with the… Read More

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Featured Review by LE. Berry

"Really enjoyed your descriptive of memories and certain moments. Nice piece Elizabeth 'Wild'" Read More

I am amazing, I have a magnificent mind, I have a beautiful soul, I am beautiful, I love myself, I have an incredible destiny, my blessings are unstoppable, my worth cannot be defined by anyone else other than me, I am still growing up, I am a divine being, I… Read More

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Looking forward to true Joy While waiting. And that true Joy can be found by worshipping God first before showing love to someone. Read More

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The experiences created with you were all so beautiful, horrifying, uplifting and anchoring all at once. However, I appreciate and admire every moment for giving me the opportunity to "live". You've helped bring much clarity as I've recognized the flame inside of me, which has been for centuries is the… Read More
The divine messages delivered onto my heart, body, mind and soul through the angel that means one of most to me has evolved my creation in ways that I feel has brought me true success in my home. I'm here to share with you a little of the beautiful wealth… Read More

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I've searched long and hard for that part of me that would bring me happiness. Feeling as though I've traveled across the globe 3 times, but all the while the answer was literally right where I started. Read More

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Your talents and dreams will never be for anyone else. You're destined for beautiful successful, so never shut yourself off from the world. Continue to shine on, I see you beloved. Read More

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The summer of life Read More

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There stands tall the most beautiful blessing that is at my side, reminding me of the treasurous moments of love for not only myself but for a part of me that lives on for an eternity more. My child, you remind me of your beautiful mother and the miracles she's… Read More

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This is solely my opinion I’ve been down this road too many times . I feel I’ve only made it this far to share my experience. Read More

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Base on how people fail to see what they're good at. Read More
Hey guys, This is based on my personal experience that the only way I can express myself, it is my perspective from being in an abusive relationship and I think some people might relate, I hope you enjoy it. Read More

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The blessings that have come into my life uplifting me to heights unimaginable with the average mindset, transformed me into the beautiful individual I am today. The most major blessing of them all are the angels here on Earth that have allowed me the opportunity to grow with them through… Read More

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Words about life. Read More
An Open Letter for my Mom I am not vocal to you mom and I am not the kind of daughter that is sweet. I’m so sorry for that. But, I want to say thank you for being a perfect mother to me. I’ll always pray that you have always… Read More

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Even when you don't expect something to have, God is faithful. He'll send a true blessing. Read More

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When sadness makes you feel empty, when life makes you reach the lowest point try to redefine the meaning of your happiness so you can reach it every time you think the sky is falling on your head. Read More

Chapter 2

Book / True Confessions

May 07, 2021

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All about jenny a firefighter, he gets harrassments from his co-worker and his co-worker succeeded in making the boss sag jenny let's see if jenny will gets his job back. Read More