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Kinghood is about four identical male quadruplets who serve their kingdom under the guise of one prince. For years, they have lived a clandestine existence, with only one of them serving as the prince at any given time so as to secure the royal bloodline that only decades before was… Read More

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"An absorbing fantasy novel in the vein of Robin Hobb, Raymond E Feist, and George R R Martin. The prologue is well written." Read More

Chapter 1

Book / True Confessions

July 01, 2022

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The Story of Us: Chapter 1: A Simple Prayer The coming of age in your 40's finding love, humor and romance for the first time. Basically our love story with true everyday pitfalls, tragedies, humor and most importantly LOVE Read

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The story of hope season 2 Read

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The story about hope and breaking the socities attitude curses. Read

Book / True Confessions

June 27, 2022

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My Deep Thoughts... Read

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When the life of a little girl becomes accustomed to blinding darkness that drowns her from within and surrounds her like the fortified wall of Jericho. Can there be a miracle that will tear down the high walls of evil and darkness? Can her despair ever find any solace? Read

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Secrets and lies always come back to haunt you. They just might even turn you into the Villin of your own story. Read

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The soul The creator of desires and dreams, it tries to take them away as a storm. However, Duties, responsibilities, and moralities are obstacles, They set the boundaries. Expanding desires shrinks, the fences sent them back to you. The soul buries them, inside somewhere deep of you. Suppressed emotions becomes… Read
Asking how you are supposed to feel about the impending demise of a parent that you've always had a very difficult relationship with. Read

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a maiden's guilt Read

Chapter 8

Book / True Confessions

June 03, 2022

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Do you believe in the possibility of reincarnation? This is my journal of mysterious memories I’ve had since birth, recurring dreams and knowledge of a life that aren’t from the one I’m currently living… Read
this is an autobiography i wrote myself, documenting 20 years of my life. i summarized all my happiness, pain and suffering into one mind blowing story. this is a testimony showing how all things work together for your good. I wrote this five years ago, I'll have part 2 in… Read
I look in the mirror on the wall. I see a man. A young man. A man filled with life and optimism. Wondering what the future may hold. Wondering about his place in life. I look in the mirror on the wall. I begin to see lines appear on the… Read

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" I don't believe in true love, But i might want to. " - The sun is also a star Read
NAMASTE from the narrator!! Since it is a story inspired by true events (or you may say it is a true story) that's why the names of the characters are not given here to avoid any correlation. This is a sad story about a boy. His life, his struggles, failure,… Read
Me thinking about the commonly used phrase "the cost of a life". Read
How much does the pet take when they leave? All of it Read
An interesting twist about the innocence of youth mustering the courage to battle powerful corrupt Dallas County politicians in later life. No one can deprive us of our childhood dreams, even if we grow up in poverty. Looking back, it is now clear that those dreams would serve as a… Read
I wrote this a couple of years ago. Many of the pieces of this essay are now obsolete based on where I am now, and where I came from- but I feel it necessary to share this. I've wanted to share it since I wrote it. Thank you. Read

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Abuse I've suffered at the hands of my dysfunctional, narcissistic family... The son of an alcoholic mother who attempted to drown me at just two years old and a sadistic narcissistic millionaire father who would torment, abuse and beat me on a regular basis throughout my childhood. A victim of… Read

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Oh! How I long for rest. How I long to get away from it all. How I long to escape. How I long to free myself from these shackles of life. How I long to flee this mortal coil. How I long for eternal slumber. How I long for the… Read

Chapter 1

Book / True Confessions

April 22, 2022

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this story isn't mine it was sent from a friends point of view and i did ask for permission to make a book about it to spread her story because that's what friends are for i hope you guys enjoy reading as much as i did writing Read

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I am writing a book that I hope one day sees light. If I should summarise it in a few words, I'd say it's about high school life, love and TREES! Yes, I developed an obsession with trees and my setting involves them a lot. Here is a sentence/phrase from… Read

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Chapter 13

Book / True Confessions

March 28, 2022

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Chapter 4

Book / True Confessions

March 24, 2022

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Letters for the things I cannot say, and for the people I cannot face. Read

Poem / True Confessions

March 23, 2022

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A poem about and for my father who passed away 3/12/22 Read

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Famous word of Indonesia from generation to generation are Gorgeous and Guest is King as welcome to Indonesia for tourists and anybody who comes and to prove Independent Indonesia Country was built by Gorgeous Indonesian People. Too bad, those words never be real in fact since Independent Indonesia did. Even… Read

Poem / True Confessions

March 17, 2022

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Just something I decided to write about, its all in spanish. Read

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This is my real story. I'm a 31 year old girl who has found strength and empowerment by donating my blood with Vitalant Read

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A few seconds trying to reach my mom to make sure she was safe Read

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This really hit me as I was writing it, but if it offends anyone I'm really sorry. I've never gone to therapy before (even though my stories seem to show i might need it) so I can only guess how others as well as myself might feel in that situation.… Read

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This is an emotional piece about a girl feeling trapped, being forced to stay where she is by the rules of her parents and not allowed to free herself of those rules until she is 18. Read