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The announcement of the postal plebiscite has brought up some conversations I've been resisting for decades. Read More

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E-mail exchange between 2 pickup artists Read More
A letter to the father who chose alcohol Read More
Senator Rowland Stephen Owie is the former Chief Whip of the Senate, and a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State. But for this piece, that is an aside. In this interview with Sunday Vanguard, he discloses that as the only surviving son of his mother, he… Read More

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dear baba, i know you'll feel uneasy reading this but it's important for me to say this to you there was a time when we as kids thought our dads/moms didn't care about us or per-say didn't understand what we wanted; a time when our petty feelings were safely hidden… Read More

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Description: I'm challenging and taking a risk for a dream that only I can see, but that's because I believe in myself. Read More
i don't understand why all are running for money. is there is nothing important than this. Read More

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Matlabi duniyan ke,matlabi kisse hai hzar Jb tk ho tmse ho kaam,tm bhut achhe ho yaar Ab jb hai koi nhi vasta,chal apna tu naap rasta Die ho chahe tune uske ly jaan,uski tikhi vaani Ab nikalegi tere praan... Tere soch se pre hai logon ki soch yhan Tu soch… Read More


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sorry for my writing and sorry the redaction is not good, needs good polished but i am at work atm: Read More

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Stop women abuse! Read More

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Just wanted to ramble about a few things. :) If you'd like to read my thoughts on another topic, do let me know in the comments and I could make a part 2. Read More
What if you like black and she likes pink? what if you want your dress black and her is pink? we all have our own favorites. but in this, we are going to discuss about a friend that have the opposite likes. Will their friendship last if they are opposite? Read More

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knowing urself.... is all about.... its just a motivationl poem Read More

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khushi ap to jante hi honge jab insaan ko khushi hoti hai to insan muskurane lgta hai.. jab a insan ko chuu jaye to insan k andar aisi takat aajati hai jis se use dunyan ka koi ghum dikhayai nhi deta.. lekin zara gour karen insan khushi se marr b… Read More

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this is about the true image of a woman Read More

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This is a writeup about sorrow Read More

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yesterday, i have written my experience about my friends insecurity to be nice to another people . i think a lot of people relate in this story . i would be happy if you want to read it , and give me feedback . thank you. Read More