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The life of three young boys on a restricted military base in the midst of the cold war. Read More

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Hallo, saya mencoba platform ini untuk pertama kali. Read More

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Heya, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals! Just an update to let you know the only content I'll be posting on here! Read More
Are you ready to die in your sleep? If you know you will die today? What are the things you want to do or maybe the things you wished you already done in this lifetime.? Read More
I believe that at some point, the world will have to recognise women for who they are, women for what they stand for and women for what they have been created for. It is not easy being a woman. Sometimes when we say this, men think that we are just… Read More
Romance, Religeon, Deliverance from spiritual marriage. Read More

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June 28, 2020

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chaos of life is never ending, you just have to learn to live with it and star finding happiness in it if you want to survive! better days will come; they’ll surely come you just have to put your whole trust in allah. i personally believe if you’re going through… Read More
Love, at first sight, is a very romantic notion. Your eyes meet and that's it, you fall head over heels and spend the rest of your lives together. Not! The reality is that love at first sight requires more work than, well, ordinary love that grows gradually over time. How… Read More

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I heard from some peoples that “Wait for your Perfect Soulmate”. There is nothing perfect. Every person has a dark side. Read More

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The reason I wanted to post this is that I frequently ask myself some of these questions, so I thought it would be sweet if I could know your perspective. Those are the first ten that came to mind. Choose the ones you'd like to answer and write as much… Read More
I struggle with wanting to be real and wanting to be healed. And, I realize the two go hand in hand. Yet, I shy away at times with being raw and revealing a tattered version of myself because in those moments of transparency and vulnerability – I am broken. I… Read More
Tough Love. I don't believe in combining those two words into one phrase that has any meaning...but am I wrong? Read More

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September 19, 2019

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Life : Life is a tour of this word in which to get introduced yourself to many things like color like different kinds of plants different kinds of species different kind of nature creation What is color full life? Color full life means the changing the changing of situation and… Read More

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The way it consumes me is a Love\Hate relationship I battle Read More
The circle of life so to speak. Loss for some may lead to others joy. Appreciation for the bigger picture. Read More
Every man gets his future in the rain of blows, but in some parts of the world there are no roofs for shelter. Read More

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January 30, 2019

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This time we talk about the racism in different ethnicities. Read More

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A true and authentic looking at my journey being a grieving mother. Read More
Most of people have secrets about them selves simply because they does not fit on any type of conversation we normally have, they consider its too personal, for not mention awkward to share . We seem to be doom to desires so strange to standard society mindset, that forces us… Read More

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Ma dernière relation amoureuse fut un désastre et partir d'un tel constat parait a la base tout sauf un succes; et pourtant... Read More

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A story! About a girl: One of the youngest social workers: Founder of a non-profit organization: Business owner: International yoga instructor: An Engineer! Who was bullied and harassed as a teenager! A story! About the tragedy, suffocation, breaking down ...building self, breathing free, smelling freedom, the pride! Read More

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Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger. Mehmet Oz Read More
Hey, so I will be writing events that actually happened in my life. Mostly college. Read More

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And im writing wishing find some peace, my heart still searching on that person who will make me feel peace to let thid pain out of this heart, some people find it and others died searching on it. There is a type of people who think that they can buy… Read More
Hey, my true confessions, that's all... Read More

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June 01, 2018

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Love and Hugs, Kemy Read More
The article is for all the introverts out there who are not aware of the power they hold in a world that cannot stop talking. Read More