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Ryan Wheldon is just ten years old, but it doesn’t mean he is no stranger to tragedy. He lost his first friend at four years old and experienced the heart-wrenching loss of his father three years ago. Things seem to be clearing up now, however, and his life is centered… Read More
The real monsters in our life The real monsters in our life A Story by Driley " The story of my life before,doing and after rape As a child. " 1. Through out your life many things will change.People change,surroundings change even you change.As a child we never see things… Read

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a review after reading "Sorry Ever After" on Booksie that I'm too polite to mar the author's page with. Read
Well, im really bored -.- so Im just going to talk about 'The Hunger Games' and why you should read it and why you shouldn't.XD PLZ READ! :))) Read

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This is not actually a book review, it is actually a play review. Read