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Featured Review by Sue Harris

"This is a gripping, action-packed story, Joy, and what a heroine... a jump-suited, stiletto heeled Ninja. I found the dark, disturbing central t..." Read More

The real monsters in our life The real monsters in our life A Story by Driley " The story of my life before,doing and after rape As a child. " 1. Through out your life many things will change.People change,surroundings change even you change.As a child we never see things… Read

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a review after reading "Sorry Ever After" on Booksie that I'm too polite to mar the author's page with. Read
Well, im really bored -.- so Im just going to talk about 'The Hunger Games' and why you should read it and why you shouldn't.XD PLZ READ! :))) Read

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This is not actually a book review, it is actually a play review. Read