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Thousands of years ago, Byzantium was destroyed by an unknown power. Melina was creating a spell at a similar time, and because of the context of the time it happened, she blames herself for it. But not entirely. She sets out across Europe, looking for answers. Why did it happen?… Read More

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November 06, 2022

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A short inspirational quote for all Read

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This is a short advice for youth based on the effort we make though we fall on the road and embrace much challenges along the way but it's a word of knowledge and wisdom towards our goals to stand up and rise to grace. Read

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"Life can fvcks you anytime; just moan" - anonymous Read

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Base on how people fail to see what they're good at. Read

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Words about life. Read

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God's plan towards his people. Read

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Never alone means never alone. No one is alone. Read

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