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If I give in, will I lose myself? Read
My feelings and thoughts. From the past, and in the present. I can't think of what to write here so read on. Read

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Be your self Be independent Be who you are Read
Me thinking about the commonly used phrase "the cost of a life". Read

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An important phase in my life. When I had a best friend beside me at all times. This will take you through the good times we had and now we are like departed; yet the bond stays the same within us. Read

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These white beauties are my mom's favourite. They fill my house with their fragrance and give my sister in law a headache :) Read

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just a five am moment to myself with a heavy mind and a cup full of coffee Read

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This poem written,relates to the human lives,attitude and lifestyles in the to let people know that no one is prefect so,if you wanna fake your own life before people that don't even give a damn about you it won't last..know that we shall all be call to join our… Read
I wrote this at the moment I clearly understood what I'm doing all along in my life. Although everyone does this, I have observed that I'm going to more extremes compared to others. So, it's just my own theory and how I am. Read

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To be frank this is just a record of my thought process when I am idle. Read
When the past overshadows the present. learn to surrender to the present moment because this is where all of life happens. Read
A young and adult human, who has fallen in and out of love knows what love can turn a human into. Love, just a four lettered word, can make you the loveliest human on the planet earth when yo=u are into it and it can also turn you into the… Read

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Daily Scribbles #5 If I was my own coach, what coaching would I give myself right now? Read

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Daily Scribbles #4 What helps me make the right decisions in my life? Read

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The woman who follows the crowd will go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before. Her life have always been a mystery and it still is. Read
Daily Scribbles #3 What is freedom to me? Read
Daily Scribbles #2 I would like to see what happens, if… Read

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Daily Scribbles #1 What one thing do I wish I had known about life when I was younger? Read
The challenge I've created for myself to beat procrastination and melancholy. Read
I took a leap of faith, ripping the family, breaking years of traditions and immigrated to the US in hopes of extended opportunities and freedom. I immigrated here legally and I used to think this made me special. Read

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the 4th career in construction firm. no communication else then work only. Read

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Everything is possible. I've checked. Read

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Just like hands and feet are the most important parts of the human body similarly workers and labourers are the unsung heroes of our society . Do check out my confessions as a part of society. Happy reading :) Read
Diving deeper into those feelings that were left stranded somehow Read

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A very vague description of the thought process in my head - a very short piece that hopefully, other people can relate to in a sense of decision making and second-guessing themselves in all aspects of life. Read
The rambling of a girl in a depressive episode. Read
“Your past does not define you. This does not define your existence.” I felt like if I share this, they will see it. -Cosmos Read

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Just writing one day lost in my thoughts. Read