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This is my first piece. Enjoy - Callaxic Read More
Over the Years i have been through a lot in my life that has made me grow and mature by the age of 18 where as Most would be living it up and partying. Due to Health issues it made me see the world in a different light a very… Read More

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CONTENT WARNING: r*pe mention This is a diary entry from one of my characters about her experience as a sexual assault survivor. It takes place in a fantasy setting, because I find it a lot easier to write about with some element of reality removal. I often use my writing… Read More

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This is a short story expressing how I feel about certain things and more specifically about my ex and our past. Some things that I've written may appeal to some of you as you might have been through it or feel alone. Read More

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My greatest enemy, my greatest rival, my greatest fear Read More
A true story of how an optimist became a pesimist Read More
This is an old farewell letter Read More

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September 30, 2018

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hi guys i am new in this site i hope we will be friends, i like to share you my storys and part of my life , we can discuss each others thoughts and hope you will help me to make right decision -Doppleganger28 Read More
“You can only see in others what you have already accessed in yourself” Read More
Everyone is so interested in “being realistic”, yet dissatisfied with their reality. Read More

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The people around you are loving, kind, and supportive of you... just above the surface. What do they really feel underneath the masks they wear? Read More

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I loved gymnastics, but my coach didn’t love me... Read More
have you ever had a fantasy about a handsome pirate? well, i have. Read More
A first person story based on opinion. Blame and guilt has been haunting her memories and the one causing it was her brother. The time has come for her to set things straight and will do so by writing a letter to her brother. Is she right to think the… Read More

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"Other people always rejected me. Told me, 'you don't belong here' and 'go away'. Do you know what that does to a child? To a 5 year old? Something that you couldn't understand." Read More