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I look in the mirror on the wall. I see a man. A young man. A man filled with life and optimism. Wondering what the future may hold. Wondering about his place in life. I look in the mirror on the wall. I begin to see lines appear on the… Read
NAMASTE from the narrator!! Since it is a story inspired by true events (or you may say it is a true story) that's why the names of the characters are not given here to avoid any correlation. This is a sad story about a boy. His life, his struggles, failure,… Read
How much does the pet take when they leave? All of it Read
this story isn't mine it was sent from a friends point of view and i did ask for permission to make a book about it to spread her story because that's what friends are for i hope you guys enjoy reading as much as i did writing Read

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This is my real story. I'm a 31 year old girl who has found strength and empowerment by donating my blood with Vitalant Read
This really hit me as I was writing it, but if it offends anyone I'm really sorry. I've never gone to therapy before (even though my stories seem to show i might need it) so I can only guess how others as well as myself might feel in that situation.… Read

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This story follows a troubled black kid named Johnathan Carter and he is a traumatized kid that doesn't know how to express his emotion in the correct way he finds himself lashing out and it began to affect his relationship with his friends, teachers, his girlfriend, until he meet a… Read
My heart feels so lonely, so hurt and i just want to ease my pain by writing Read

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I lose a bet and pay back by allowing him to enjoy my wife's pretty feet Read

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The best aspects of connections come quickly flying at you in enormous waves with each moment spent with beautiful individuals. However, there will come a time when all those glimmers of insightful happiness begin to fade, nearing the finished cycle of a loved one. Though your breath is no more,… Read
The continuation of the man in the box includes the in depth details of the hows when it comes to flea markets as in "How do you get such good stuff at such a great price? I got it out of the garbage, that's how. Read
This story is about a unique profession, a story about dumpster diving and flea markets. A story about financial success and personal freedom and how happiness is found. Read

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The feeling of being so in love with every bit of your existence, is a feeling I never want to lose sight of in this lifetime, and the countless others to come. Read
My hands resting at my sides with a smile as bright as the rising Sun on a Sunday morning. I’m pleased to admit to myself that I’m fulfilling more aspects of my life purpose here in this lifetime. I’m moving to Nashville, Tennessee. Read

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There are many ways people convey their emotions. Some show it to the world without loosing a sweat. Some show it among their friends, families and relatives in a more intimate setting. But this story is about none of them. This is the GRIEF roller-coaster of a woman who found… Read
Inspired by a Shakespearian quote: to be useful or to not be; to be friendless or not to be. Read

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perhaps the most arduous journey isn’t the undertaking of one’s ambition; rather, it is traveling the path to discover one’s ambition. Read

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Sacred questions appear at marvelous moments of growth in one’s life, when the individual is finally ready to admit to self they’re ready. Read

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Grabbing hold to the dreams that influence my heart and spirit to smile most. I’m hanging on tight and never letting go until all is achieved. This journey has brought about various challenges, but the rewards reaped are well worth the grind. Read

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The sensation of two universes containing infinite wonders of amazements collide, making what turns out to be one of the most beautiful creations known to exist yet. Read

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Cuffing on to the idea that everything is going to be alright is a prime example of what it’s truly means to be heavily connected to the great divine spirit. Read

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The noises follows me everywhere. I can never escape it and it will never leave me alone. i just want silence, won't you give me silence? Read

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Take a look Read
Sisters discussing their mother's life decisions.A conversation. Read

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Dear reader always know that you matter for me and your life matters. Read
A mother and father blame them selves for the death of their child. Read

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Een vreemde ontmoeting tussen twee mannen in café leidt tot het uitwisselen van geheimen. Of dat spelletje wel leuk is voor allebei is maar zeer de vraag... Read
I can see the view of my goals being completed from here. Every action and thought of mine is powerful. *Mother Speaking* "Your destiny is clear and perfect, my child. For you, there will always be light shining on your path, even through the darkest moments. Your life is precious,… Read
Hello guys ! In these series I would like to share with you my thoughts about adulthood in my 20's with its struggles and benefits. These next paragraphs will always be as true as they can get and I hope you can relate and enjoy and hopefully feel better after… Read

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"Love is for the rich" is a short story of mine where I try to relate to you guys and give you hope for love. Read

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A statement to that make a pact to always love someone no matter the upcoming storms that lie ahead. That alone takes for an individual to fully be able to connect with their own spirit. Then can an individual fulfill that role as apart of their soul purpose in this… Read
The truth behind this smile, this energy, this mindset and these actions. They're inspired by the pain and beautiful lessons created by the divine. Chances made a champion, and that I will forever internalize. Read

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Diving deeper into a connection that literally lights up my spirits even when miles apart. This powerful connection brings about blessings of abundance in love, divinity, trust, integrity and much more. Helping each other find more life in living. This is a piece that hits close to home for me. Read

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People often ask who specifically I'm talking about in each masterpiece. I often reply, "no one specifically." However, the truth behind all that I speak is a divine connection between me and my soulmates scattered across the universe. Read
The love of my eternity constantly reminds me of the beauty that lies within myself, and this amazing universe we inhabit together. There's not a soul, object or high that can exceed the love I have for you, my love. This is for us, my love. Read