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Dilemma Story of a little Child Rohan Gupta, a software engineer , who works in a reputed software company, in Bangalore , India, was sitting in his company's cabin. His office closing time was 6.00 pm. He was sitting on the chair and thinking something while staring the watch as… Read More

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hello everyone, this is my second short story and again i really hope you guys can relate to my feelings and emotions that i have expressed in this short story. this piece is very close to my heat and sort of an introduction to the stories i am going to… Read More

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What you think? You think that you will succeed in your life with out doing anything. No problem, it is the problem of almost every person in the World. People think that they will get success without doing anything. But you should have to do many things, you should have… Read More

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Guest House This is the incidence of that days when India was not so much developed like these days. Those days nights were so horrible in India that can scared anyone, because electricity was only available in metro cities of India like Delhi, Calcutta , Madras and Bombay. Rural areas… Read More
A very dramatic look into depression Read More
Workplace Story of a Common Man That day Ramesh was very upset, why , he doesn't know but something was running in his mind. He was working in a MNC for last 2 years, but he was not satisfied with his job, He was not wrong completely, because he was… Read More
I wish I could push a button and shut it off. Read More

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Thoughts & self doubts of a young girl who struggles to fit in with the crowd.... Read More
I will never be someone. Because I chose to be a noone. Read More

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It is a short story that shows the how common and imprtant choices are....... Read More

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Just a nobody's opinion. Read More

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I have a very beautiful and very meaningful highlight from my life that saved me from taking the road many have stumbled and fallen upon. Read More

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words cut deep Read More

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What's that one moment - the one point in time - that you felt such a high that you never wanted to come back from? I'm not talking about drugs. I'm talking about an event, a shocking moment, an adventure that you embarked on. But what happens when that one… Read More

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I just want someone to listen. Read More

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Dictionary defines: Doofus: a stupid person. Read More

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a story about how i just feel like shit everyday, i have no outlet and i am lost. Read More