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Short Story / True Confessions

September 06, 2018

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Short Story / True Confessions

August 31, 2018

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No one knew until now..... Read More


The ONLY reason i cry at night :) Read More

#love, #cry, #horse

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Featured Review by KLB

"Wow !!! amazing on so many levels :)" Read More

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This story is all about how a girl recovers herself from depression, sadness following a tragic incident. It describes how it feels to be lonely and impact of loneliness and fear in her life. Read More

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love is not what we is nothing but infatuation..real love lies when one doesnot leave his/her partner no matter what the situation is. Read More


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My name is Adam Roberts. I am 55 years old, born and raised in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn. The story I’m uploading is titled “Buckets”, a somewhat fictional account of the horrors of the pedophiliac homosexuality that permeated parks and basketball gyms in New York, and how it… Read More

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I will always remain a mystery no one will every solve it. Everything that I have been through has affected me in so many ways. I’m not the person I want to be but I’m the person that came out of all of my experiences. Read More
Wife traded her yoga services to a masseur who offered to massage her feet in return. I wanted to watch so I creeped down to the location and peeped through the window watching this man touching my wife's perfect feet. Read More
My Names are Efuribe Aaron Ndubisi. I reside in Lagos Nigeria. I am a chartered Accountant with reputation as an auditor with small scale firm in my locality. While auditing or performing accounting functions, I always try as much as possible to write stories about everyday living during my working… Read More
While we play a video game on the sofa, my friend takes notice of my wife's pretty size 6 feet. Read More

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An interview with the writer: Criss Sole. Read More

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This story describes my experience of 4/20 of 2018, where I smoked a lot of weed and did a lot of acid and had a very dark trip. I've wanted to share this story to both entertain and educate people that these drugs are not to be messed around with.… Read More

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the crossroads of life ..... unspoken feelings ..... Read More

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What happens when you come out of your prime? Read More

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This is a short one. Around 4-5 pages. I pour out my emotions here, and this is my story. It isn't exciting, but it is something. And you know, I'm perfectly fine it being just a crush. I just love the feeling. There doesn't need to be anything from the… Read More

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F***K what they all say Read More

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An interview with Mike S. Read More

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Pandora's Box, a box filled with all the evils and sickness the world has come to known. Prometheus had earned Zeus' wrath by stealing fire from Zeus and giving it to the humans who he sympathised for they were shivering in the cold. Pandora's curiousity led her to open a… Read More