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the war is over. you, the chosen one, can finally move on. but you realize that something is wrong. the world peace and the happiness just doesn't sit right with you... Read More
This is a story about a young girl, in and out of the hospital for two weeks in second grade. Her brother was in the hospital. Her brother, a real-life sleeping beauty. A scary story based on my reality. Read More

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Often we get angry and loose temper because of small things...We never realise people get hurt through our behaviour...Love, somewhat kind of trusting each other is one of the best feeling of the world...???? Read More
To be in control you'll have to know your value. Read More
Thought that have been running through my head. Read More

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She was sitting on the bench, having quite a delicious dialogue with the universe. Read More
My personal story of my childhood abuse, neglect, and molestation by my Uncle and how that shaped me into the person I am today. Read More

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Two person, same train, same seat number. Is it a printing error? Is it a technical glitch? A simple story which has your heart's address. Read More

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It's real... people feel more and more depressed... and how far it will go? Read More

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All people cry... but how far does it gets? Read More

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I know one game... it's called Game of Worry Read More

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thoughts Read More

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A process that is worth a lot more than all the gold in the world. Read More

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An interview with the writer: Read More
I was walking home late after work, fairly eerie roads not much street lights along the way I realised that I was comfortable, not that it didn't bother me walking in the dark but that it was peaceful. I felt a rush all over my body and then calmness. This… Read More

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Some people want it to rain as others would prefer the sunshine, but the pain they feel inside will not fade until they are loved. Read More

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Pour out of my inner thoughts. Read More

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This short story is dedicated with love to my Goddaughter Read More
just a story of a little 8 year old girl. Beginning of her journey to her living hell, depression and loneliness Read More
An interview with : MissMidnight Read More