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This is a personal true story. I know the writing is probably poor. It had happened several years ago now but I needed an outlet for how I felt and the story. It'd been nagging at me for quite some time now. Thanks for reading and understand. Also trigger warning… Read More

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The personification of my depression Read More

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I have made a poem about bullying and sadly I've suffered through it. Now, I'm going to actually write my experience. So you can understand. This took a lot of time to think about and I'm not sure what everyone will think about it. Quick statement: Bullying is NOT ok. Read More

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"When that kid in you falls, turn around." Read More

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I'm so sorry. This is important! Please read this (urgent) and you'll know why. Read More

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This story is about two sisters named Paige and Kenzie. Paige is the older twin and she gets all the attention from her parents as well as in school. Kenzie is just left behind and is always compared to her older sister, Paige. One day the sisters get trapped in… Read More

Short Story / True Confessions

December 18, 2017

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Child abuse is real, and it scars, because it's more than just about bruises: it's about the mental harm as well. Read More

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An interview with the writer : Kathrina Csernis. Read More

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This is a personal narrative about how social media has affected my life and my relationships. Read More

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An interview with the writer : Allen Darkest. Read More

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sometimes i think god put me through all this pain for a reason then sometimes i think i been through all this pain just cuz but fuck it i don’t really know i know i’m different then everybody i can tell,i feel like i’m one of a kind but then… Read More

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This writing talks about how I was able to open up to others due to the fact I used to be anti social. Read More

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This is a story of a young lady who was raped by someone she knew. I know the grammar and punctuation is not accurate. Please leave comments. Read More

#rape, #anal

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A letter to the boy I was in love with. A boy I haven't seen in years. I wish I would have said everything I needed to say to him. Read More

Short Story / True Confessions

December 03, 2017

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Short Story / True Confessions

November 30, 2017

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