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Welcome to the world of the Cross! This world is filled with monsters, demons, witches, and unholy heretics! Only the Cardinals can keep the sane from the insane, the good from the evil. We follow the adopted son of a cardinal, as he navigates this uncertain world. What will he… Read More

Featured Review by Jake J. Harrison

"Nice beginning. The Cardinal seems like a piece of work! Did he ever get any clothes or is he washing dishes in the buff? Good cliffhanger at th..." Read More

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A girl never speak up Read More

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Hey you, Yes you, the one reading this. Stop, Don't fall in love... it's a trap... Read More

Writing Contest / True Confessions

September 14, 2017

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truth Read More

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This is a real-life experience that takes the idea of depression and suicide in a different way. When writing this, I used my experiences with depression and suicide to make the situation feel more relate-able. Read More

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Contest where you write a story including your fear :) Read More

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Featured Review by Archia

"That was an end I didn't see coming. I really liked that twist on it, and it made the person go from a victim to an attacker. It was really good..." Read More