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Poem / War and Military

September 22, 2018

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Poem / War and Military

September 19, 2018

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Book / War and Military

September 08, 2018

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two weapons meet in a white room, assigned as a trump card to be used in the war. a story about two dysfunctional people that are harbingers of death. Read More

Book / War and Military

September 05, 2018

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For the Marine Corps grunts, the Snuffys, in the Southland of Vietnam, Riverine warfare in the Delta region took on many different shapes and forms. The coastal islands, mangrove and nipa-palm swamps, creeks, rivers, a bewildering maze of inland waterways, and the Vietnamese jungle, imposed an extraordinary military challenge. The… Read More
Part from a project I'm working on Read More

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The taming of the pagans. Read More

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A tale of the last stand outside the holiest city on Earth. Read More

Book / War and Military

August 11, 2018

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Story about a special operator Read More

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A poem set during a war about a couple separated by the conflict. Read More
An anti war piece, the powerful think you'll never catch on. Read More
The third crusade was a subject of many films, novels, and so much more. It was also my favorite moment in history and deserves a piece in its own right. Read More

Chapter 1

Book / War and Military

August 06, 2018

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in a scramble for power, who will dominate all? Read More

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High above the trenches bloody, the birds of war watch on. Read More
This is a short story baced on the song The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Mack has always dreamed of marching in the black parade and serving her country however on tour she finds out that a group of rebels have planes to disrupt the celebrations and no one… Read More