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Psuedoreminiscing on the things that never happened Read More
Throughout the ages, Islam has been misunderstood and surrounded by a number of false allegations. One of these allegations, given contemporary form, is to associate jihad with terrorism and violence and to claim that the message of Islam was spread through the sword. It is therefore an imperative upon objective… Read More

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"A war veteran reminiscing the causalities of war and life after serving the nation" Read More
Position paper regarding the issue of terrorism in Middle East. Article written down for Scotmun, counter-terrorism committee. Read More
The legendary funk soul group, Imagination, are back! And drummer Errol Kennedy, proves they have just as powerful groove as ever. Read More

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*American Newspaper perspective, WWI, Battle of Verdun, class assignment* Read More

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None were diggin' Read More

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Despite some progress in different sectors including women’s rights after the fall of Taliban regime, Afghanistan is still one of the high-ranked country in violence against women? Women face domestic violence, physical abuses, force marriage, self-immolation and more. it happens in all parts of Afghanistan, mostly in rural areas where… Read More
This is a historical refresher especially about Americans and Filipinos who were friends and allies in WW2 70 years ago. It is a reminder to our young generation of the joint sacrifice by the previous American and Filipino generation to get where we are today. With present Pacific events instigated… Read More

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This is for my upcoming and first Novel called "Kings" This shows the readers what to expect when the actual Novel gets released. Read More

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Some things are just too good. Read More

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The history of Memorial Day, and its true meaning. It includes three stories of heroism. Read More

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the article is about the on going cold war between muslim states who are divided into different sects. Read More
Patrick Rhatigan is a well experienced Commander of 19th Airlift Wing at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. Read More
U.S. Internationalism and Isolationism by: Eli Dupuy Read More
Fifteen Medals of Honor were awarded for actions of December 7th, 1941. But not one of those was awarded to Army personnel. A missed opportunity. There were many who rose to occasion, literally. Read More