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About a girl alone in the dark on a swing... Read More

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A Senryu, some facts, and some questions. Read

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praying for ukraine Read
Every country has its unique historical background that holds its culture and social-economic life. Somalia was among the top and best traders during ancient times. Also, Somalia gained independence from 1940 to 1941 from British and Italian colonialism. The leading British aim was to establish a place to carry on… Read

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Some time ago, a friend wrote to me and said “. . . I came to see the truth of the war that my country would not win.” He didn’t write “could not,” rather, he deliberately wrote “would not.” It was unsettling. It was revealing. It was the truth unveiled. Read

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War makes strange and sometimes peculiar, but always extraordinary, friendships. War brings commonality and camaraderie, when all else that surrounds you speaks of the finality of life, and of the irrevocability of each action and each battle. War awakens an awareness and a personal understanding within the heart and mind.… Read

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Sex, sex talk, sexual encounters of every type, sexual insinuations in every conversation, indications, hints and suggestions of sexual liaisons, on or off military bases. It was all there. What can you expect from thousands of men living together so far from home? We were not in a monastery, and… Read

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This is the story of Sgt. Jack Flynn and his eight comrades. It will tell you what they went through so that we not only in America, but the world enjoy freedom. Read

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There is a human instinctual sense of survival, self-preservation, a lust for life. And, then, there is the very real phenomenon called “survivor’s guilt.” I believe that we have all experienced a variance of this phenomenon. It is inherent in our DNA. We are relatively sensitive and sympathetic beings. We… Read

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Vietnam was foreign and exotic, mysterious and frightening. American GIs were not only confronted with an “enemy,” but also with new words and terminology: Words such as “Chuck” or “Charlie” for the Viet Cong. And then, there were the derogatory terms for the Vietnamese people themselves. Here we were, tasked… Read
Sitting in the plane on the runway at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon, awaiting one final takeoff on the “Freedom Bird,” I was oblivious of the young men sitting around me. There was a quietness on board that was deafening to my mind. I felt an emptiness in… Read
War is always ugly and unclean. The Vietnam war was no exception. However, there was one major difference with this particular conflict. There never was, nor had there been, an intention to win. And, unfortunately, it was evident to the boys and men in the fields, swamps and jungles of… Read

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Fifty some years ago, America was at war. It was a war between the North and the South, except this war was not being fought in America. It was a war in a little-known Asian country far away -- Vietnam. And I, I was just a boy of 19. Naïve… Read

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I have walked upon a field of dreams and felt the tranquility of silence and of reverence, in a place beyond the rainbow, where skies are blue and where dreams remain forever. Read

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The 1960s for many boys and young men, was a time for dreams, a time to believe in hope, and their time to search for self-fulfillment and achievement. The 1960s was also a time of war. Read
How cruel and brutal honor and courage can be. How cold and quiet and desolate are the fields where honor died, and courage veiled its pain. I have seen and felt the loneliness where boys and men crumpled, collapsed and died. Read

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It has come to my attention that countries that have spent too much on their military usually starve, a social death. Latest example, Russia. Read
Memories of a very average Marine Corps career. Read
Throughout the ages, Islam has been misunderstood and surrounded by a number of false allegations. One of these allegations, given contemporary form, is to associate jihad with terrorism and violence and to claim that the message of Islam was spread through the sword. It is therefore an imperative upon objective… Read

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"A war veteran reminiscing the causalities of war and life after serving the nation" Read
Position paper regarding the issue of terrorism in Middle East. Article written down for Scotmun, counter-terrorism committee. Read
The legendary funk soul group, Imagination, are back! And drummer Errol Kennedy, proves they have just as powerful groove as ever. Read

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*American Newspaper perspective, WWI, Battle of Verdun, class assignment* Read

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None were diggin' Read

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Despite some progress in different sectors including women’s rights after the fall of Taliban regime, Afghanistan is still one of the high-ranked country in violence against women? Women face domestic violence, physical abuses, force marriage, self-immolation and more. it happens in all parts of Afghanistan, mostly in rural areas where… Read
This is a historical refresher especially about Americans and Filipinos who were friends and allies in WW2 70 years ago. It is a reminder to our young generation of the joint sacrifice by the previous American and Filipino generation to get where we are today. With present Pacific events instigated… Read

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This is for my upcoming and first Novel called "Kings" This shows the readers what to expect when the actual Novel gets released. Read

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Some things are just too good. Read

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The history of Memorial Day, and its true meaning. It includes three stories of heroism. Read

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the article is about the on going cold war between muslim states who are divided into different sects. Read
Patrick Rhatigan is a well experienced Commander of 19th Airlift Wing at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. Read
U.S. Internationalism and Isolationism by: Eli Dupuy Read
Fifteen Medals of Honor were awarded for actions of December 7th, 1941. But not one of those was awarded to Army personnel. A missed opportunity. There were many who rose to occasion, literally. Read
Today we were gathered at the War Memorial in a hamlet called Kappel, which belongs to Freiburg, for it's Volkstrauertag, the day the people of Germany think and pray for the sons of Kappel (and other hamlets, town and cities) who fell in the two Great Wars. The World War… Read
This is an article of the secret order known as ORDO INIS DE LUPUS who's branches include the free masons and the knights Templars, they were an organization that existed in the 15th century and have survived to this day...They are believed to be a part of many historical events… Read
`Islamic fundamentalism’ and `Islamic modernism’ are questions that Hojjatoleslam Hassan Yousefi Eshkevari has discussed in a lecture delivered at the University of Sorbonne. Read