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Featured Review by Sue Harris

"This is a gripping, action-packed story, Joy, and what a heroine... a jump-suited, stiletto heeled Ninja. I found the dark, disturbing central t..." Read More

Book / War and Military

January 17, 2021

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The battle raged between the enemy and us; leaving just Jack and I/ Read More

Book / War and Military

January 10, 2021

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The Monarchy Men they're called, a group of brutal people, allowed to do whatever they wish. On the night of the birth of the youngest member of their family, the Monarchy Men changes the lives of one family forever. Read More

Chapter 6

Book / War and Military

December 28, 2020

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Naomi Cedar has just graduated the military academy in Sector Three. She is given a rank of Captain upon graduation, something that hasn't happened in over a century. Despite her good luck in becoming a Captain, she's sent to the worst unit in the military of Sector Three, Unit Fifty-three.… Read More

Chapter 2

Book / War and Military

December 07, 2020

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Here is the updated version of this work. I added a second chapter. For now, I'm still just calling it, "An Excerpt". Let me know what you guys think of the new chapter! Read More

Book / War and Military

September 09, 2020

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For the Marine Corps grunts, the Snuffys, in the Southland of Vietnam, Riverine warfare in the Delta region took on many different shapes and forms. The coastal islands, mangrove and nipa-palm swamps, creeks, rivers, a bewildering maze of inland waterways, and the Vietnamese jungle, imposed an extraordinary military challenge. The… Read More

Book / War and Military

August 20, 2020

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The life of three young boys on a restricted military base in the midst of the cold war. Read More

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Isabelle Romee was a mother who would never give up; she wanted her daughter's name cleared from all the lies and the conviction of heresy. Read More

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Overwhelmed with sorrow, Idla narrated his story to Helen which explained why he always went to a particular spot in the restaurant Helen met him. What brought him grief? Read this story to find out. I'll try to keep publishing more parts of it, every Sunday, until it gets to… Read More

Chapter 6

Book / War and Military

May 13, 2020

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Inside a forest in Pittsburgh, there was noises that had been heard. Those noises were gunshots, and voices. The gunshots and voices are caused by the four clans: Darkclan, known for its Sniper team, for its quickness, loyalty to its clan, and hiding its base, Powerclan, known for its martial… Read More

Chapter 3

Book / War and Military

March 12, 2020

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In a scramble for power, who will dominate all? Read More

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Amid a new war in the city of Darwin, the worlds above and below take a dangerous turn, when aliens invade searching for Midnight Eclipse. A powerful relic known to wipe out thousands and a weapon every nation on earth wants for themselves. Before any side can ascertain it, the… Read More

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Operation Black Sun will be a 6 part novella, based on historical fact, with a sprinkling of Celtic-Scribe63 pixie dust. it is set during WW2. The occult Nazi Thule society are up to no good, British P.M, Winston Churchill puts together a band of allied occultists and sends them deep… Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"Ah, this is fantastic, C-S. I loved Betsey's attitude, and those profiles... looking forward to reading more!" Read More

Book / War and Military

August 20, 2019

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London, England, September 5, 1940. Maggie Westland is a young woman who is working for the London Branch of MI5 during World War II, under Prime Minister Winston Churchill. As the German threat under Adolf Hitler spreads throughout Europe, she puts herself in grave danger. Read More

Book / War and Military

July 20, 2019

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Who is 'less than human'? You decide. Also posted in its entirety as a short story Cover image: Read More

Featured Review by Sue Harris

"Less than human, indeed, but sadly not beyond the realms of possibility. A riveting read, Hully." Read More

Chapter 1

Book / War and Military

June 30, 2019

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Years after losing the love of her life during a rescue mission, a relentless search for answers lands Alyx at ground zero. Will the ghost that she left her family behind to chase be her own in the midst of betrayal? Read More
This is a short story of how a young man ends up joining the military in ww2. Also this is my first upload and I'm like 12yo so plz no hate. Read More

Book / War and Military

June 12, 2019

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IRA members are captured and jailed. During escape, they murder guards and escape with the intent to reach America. They are pursued by English for recapture and revenge of the guards' murder. In America, they face the burden of staying one step ahead of their pursuers. Their life, during this… Read More

Chapter 7

Book / War and Military

April 14, 2019

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story of 2 villages that want to be bigger by size and supplies years will pass and things will change a story that makes you want to read even more ps this is my 1st story ever and i'll be better with time please rate it out of 10 when… Read More

Book / War and Military

March 10, 2019

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A MONOSYLLABLE NOVEL! Back in 1999, I began writing a book about a Japanese field laborer in the cane fields of Oahu who becomes a hero during the Pearl Harbor attacks of 1941. I wanted it to be written entirely in monosyllables except for dialogue, but being young and inexperienced,… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / War and Military

March 04, 2019

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This book is so interesting, it a story about a boy and hus friend who join the army in 1736, in other to fight the colonial maters, and alien forces, the book all narrate what military personnel are passing through in the war front,.it explain also about bad governance this… Read More

Book / War and Military

February 14, 2019

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Five hundred and four years into the rule of the Preminan dynasty warfare has broken out across the nation of Haratak. Chaos and bloodshed are widespread as lords fight lords, families attempt to rise above the warfare, and cunning officials and brave men and women look to distinguish themselves in… Read More

Book / War and Military

February 13, 2019

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this is a new book that I am working on and will publish in the next 2 years. Credit Andrew Schlotterer. He was my editor. Read More
Prior to World War I, Hitler never rose above the rank of Lance-corporal, as his superiors considered he lacked leadership qualities. But, what hypnotized Hitler, that he transformed into a merciless tyrant and manipulated the minds of millions and lead his nation to war. Let’s take a deep insight into… Read More

Book / War and Military

September 29, 2018

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Just another day, another war, for the soldiers and Emperor of the Erebayans. Read More

Book / War and Military

August 11, 2018

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Story about a special operator Read More

Book / War and Military

July 24, 2018

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if war can be started by lies than I can be stopped by truths. 1941 WW2, and 4 children are escaping the war torn Poland, all hiding secrets of there past, 3 Jews, one Polish traitor, kids cought up in something bigger than they think, with children dying left; right… Read More

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Germany didn’t lose in 45. The war continues and the Reich needs a way to end it all. Read More

Book / War and Military

June 21, 2018

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A story about a young man named Eric Trettin who gets wrapped up in a revolution in 2025 when the United States' newly elected president ushers in a new era of fear and hate. Read More

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A broken promise … A girl … A Hero … Only one promise … And he can’t keep it … Would you make that promise? … Or would you never speak a word? … Let the light go out without a whisper … Just to see her fade away …… Read More

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Hey guys! it's time to put the sequel to the Underdogs out there. If you have not yet read my other story "The Underdogs" I suggest doing so first. however, you can still enjoy this story without knowing what happened in the Underdogs. please let me know any way I… Read More

Chapter 8

Book / War and Military

May 09, 2018

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Men embark on a story of hardships, death, and victory to liberate Europe from Germany. (I drew inspiration from real life events and veteran's stories to make this. Also video games and books and movies helped me depict what France looked like post WW2) Read More

Book / War and Military

April 28, 2018

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I'm new so hope you have fun Read More

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Maximus was a war vet of the largest conflict that ever graced humanity, however, after his wife died years ago, his real battle will be with his own sanity. Read More