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A unknown virus spreads around New York City Read More

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This is a fabulous war book, it is heroic,awesome, and gun-shooting-action. Read More

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This is a diary entry of a girl named Anne Read More
‘The Gurkhas’ is a history of the finest infantrymen in the world who come from a country where ‘It is better to die than to be a coward,’ and where most bear the name Bahadur, which means ‘courageous,’ and who carry out their mission with the help of the deadly,… Read More

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About the book Catch-22 Read More
HI, this is just a short analysis of the poem by Yeats. MY old students found it helpful so I decided to post it here. Read More
This is a review of the above named book. This book is good for its careful and thorough analysis of the diplomacy of the post-war settlements of 1815, 1919, 1945, and 1989--91,. John Ikenberry addresses in this book three major questions for the study of world politics: how do major-state… Read More

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My reveiw for Mary Downing Hahn's "Stepping on the Cracks" Read More

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This is the prologue/review for a novel that i started about a year ago, i'm still in the process of finishing it. The novel is titled "Falling Stars". The main character is a boy that at the beginning of the story is known as Jeremiah Vanderslash, your usual kind of… Read More

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For school we had to write literature response essays for english class and this is mine! I recommend reading "Hana's Suitcase", but I was rather tired of it by the time I finished this essay. Have fun reading it! Read More