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A short true story of loss, friendship and perspective Read More

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This is FREEDOM OF SPEECH! I have the right to voice my opinion, especially when someone insults me, my country, my President, my culture, my religion, or my people. Get used to this. Soon everything will turn against YOU, the people who support all kinds of pederasty, Nazis, Polygon 404,… Read

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The end of cold war was considered as the end of polar politics and rivalry in the geopolitics of the globe. However, the emergence of new powerful states like China and resentment of the old contending states like Russia began to challenge the old-aged hegemony of US. An escalated battle,… Read
Originally written for a Reedsy weekly prompt, one of the options was to write a story that had each paragraph beginning or ending with the same phrase throughout. This was written roughly six months into the war in Ukraine, and although I've never personally been to the country, I do… Read
I'm still haunted by the service in Vietnam . . . after all these years . . . hard to believe, but true . . . . Read

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Love comes when and where least expected, even in war . . . Read
No one knows fear like those who have been in war . . . whether as the hunter, the hunted, or the innocent spectator caught in the middle . . . Read

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I wish I could disremember . . but then I would not be the whole of me . . . Read
Home I mourn, home-rule I earn. Read

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Racial Ideas from a liberal zealot? You decide. Read

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In the oath of office in the federal government and the military, the individual promises to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. even from terrors that may be beyond belief, one from twenty years ago and one from today. Involving foreign and domestic threats Read

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This is kind of continuation of my previous essay “How western leaders created Putin and what to do with this now” ( Being emotionally involved into events of this war I am trying to understand what is happening and how it can be stopped finally. Some thoughts about this are… Read

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Point of view. Read
For me, being Russian-Ukrainian-Canadian, Putin’s aggression in Ukraine is not an event on the other side of the world or a simple explanation of the reason why the gas price is rocketing today. It’s a culmination point and the finalization of my observation of the process of how Russia, the… Read

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My essay, my rules - been waiting to say that for sometime! Please don't get on your high horse and quote what I already know. Like all my work - it's satirical. Read

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Today's politics is far more than Republican versus Democrat, left versus right, Conservative against Liberal. Today's politics are what defines America's history. As our rights and freedoms are stripped away, as our morals are destroyed and as our patriotisms is abolished, is there any grounds for recovery? Is there any… Read
Eastern European reaction to Putin's attempt of using VE events to build the legitimacy of his regime is addressed via a recollection of the sequence of historical events in the period from 1938 to our days. Read

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Basically the answer to why the Britannic and Titanic sunk. This includes war, conspiracy, and a bit of math. Read

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I've been meaning to write this forever, but I'm lazy and can't get shit done. Anyway. This is the sequel, if you can use that word, to the essay I wrote like three months ago... oops. Anyway. Here's the link to that one if you wanna check it out first… Read

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Everyone know the main points of the Second World War, but I want to educate you on the three wars that were a part of WWII, that many people don't think about. This is the first one. Read
In an alternative world, Germany wins the First World War. Read

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This is a descriptive essay of a city which has been torn apart by war. The essay is from a young girl's perspective as she views the destruction. Read
Oliver Winchester and Samuel Colt lent their names to companies that would expand and dominate the firearms market during the latter half of the 19th century and the early 20th. This is the story of their marriage and how it shaped the market. Read
The arms race that claimed the lives of some of the greatest firearms innovators of all time. Read

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An infantryman writes about a harsh experience in the war of 'Nam [Fictional]. This was meant to be labeled Flash Fiction, in the short story area. Written and edited by the Ghost-Bull. Read

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The enigmatic ruler of the 86 Tribes and the Legion. Edward Sallow AKA Caesar, pronounced (Kai-Sar) claims that his legion, which enslaves, and claims whole tribes and identities into its seething mass, is the best hope for the future of humanity, he also believes that it is not only beneficial… Read
Had to write an essay for a class. Read

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Words for myself. Read
This is a paper I wrote for English in April of 2015. I recently made some minor formatting changes to it, giving it the '2016 Edition' title. The prompt was constructing a timeline highlighting three significant events in a well written essay. And that is exactly what I attempted to… Read

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An essay I wrote this year discussing the importance of trauma in Pat Barker's Regeneration. Barker was inspired by her grandfather's account of the First World War and she offers a compelling read. Read

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A true account I've never told before, of paranoia, fear, and nearly ending the life of another man. Read

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A near-death experience. Read

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Reflections on a commitment to our country Read

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Essay about Private Peaceful Read

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A critical/analytic essay on "The Wars" by Timothy Findley on the human need to make a commitment or renounce a course of action. Read