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The poem is about maturity and how experiences in life change us. Read More

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Point of view. Read
For me, being Russian-Ukrainian-Canadian, Putin’s aggression in Ukraine is not an event on the other side of the world or a simple explanation of the reason why the gas price is rocketing today. It’s a culmination point and the finalization of my observation of the process of how Russia, the… Read

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After all these years, I still remember the briefness of my youth. Stolen before I could savor and relish moments and memories of innocence. Vietnam changed everything, including me. "I remember the night I arrived in Saigon, Vietnam. A soldier boy, not yet a man. Lost among the crowds of… Read

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My essay, my rules - been waiting to say that for sometime! Please don't get on your high horse and quote what I already know. Like all my work - it's satirical. Read
I would never wish upon my fellow Americans the distinction of becoming a Veteran of this new war in our own land. For the heart, the mind, the soul of a Veteran never heals and never seals the wounds of war -- any war, anywhere, even here in America. Read

Essay / War and Military

September 27, 2021

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Fractured glances at tortured faces, reveal the scars of foreign places. . . . . A veteran of war can never hide the wounds that war bestows on human souls. The scars too deep. The pain impressed on listless eyes that do not speak or seek to see beyond the… Read

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War is the intimacy of interrupted lives and disrupted and suspended dreams. War dislodges the solidity and strength of character and temperament, and exposes the brutal beast that lurks within the tempered heart. Read

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How cruel the memory of you. How brutal the days, and merciless and endless the nights. To dream again, and not wake in the middle of the middle of the night. Sweet sleep betrays and deceives me. Read

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How does one erase a year in your life? How does one censor or edit a portion of your youth? How do you explain away the gnawing memories that materialize in the middle of the night, that make a grown man shudder in the dark? The easiest way is simply… Read
Looking back at my tour in Vietnam in the late 1960s, I now realize that as American soldiers there, we were perceived like “bowling pins,” to be knock down to win a kewpie doll at a carnival. And when we were knocked down, a Mom or Dad somewhere back home,… Read
Where have all the young men gone? I see only shadows in the light. Where have all the brave men gone? Read

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Gettysburg. Bull Run, Gallipoli, Antwerp, Anzio, Pearl Harbor, Hu? (Vietnam), A S?u Valley (Vietnam), Baghdad, Kabul, and the list goes on and on. Battlefields and killing fields, and fields of shattered dreams. Fighting and dying. Crying and shouting. Moaning and whimpering. And silence. Always the silence came. Read
There is a profound sadness and sorrow within me on Memorial Day. For to have known my friends you would have seen the promise and the passion that they had. To have known my friends you would have seen the sparkle in their eyes and the radiance of their hearts. Read
Memorial Day is our day to honor and mourn our soldiers – ordinary men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice – laying down their lives, mostly without choice or option, other than to walk through distant and silent valleys to certain death, in places far from their humble roots… Read
Church bells ring, and a new born day rises in the east. It is the dawning of Christmas Day. It is the birth of new hope in the midst of the unaccustomed disquiet that plagues the American spirit. It is the ghost of the distant sound of Christmas past, wrapped… Read
I saw the creature that is war, and I saw it devour and consume the innocence that was me. It was ruthless and pitiless, brutal and unfeeling. It was the hidden fiend within the hardened heart of the human beast within. Read
Thanksgiving. A celebration of our blessings and our bounties, but also a celebration of courage and of the struggles and tribulations that helped to make America. . . . . I remembered one particular Thanksgiving Day celebrated, or rather, simply tolerated, . . . Read

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As a Veteran who served in Vietnam, and as a military journalist who saw the best and worst of our service men at war, I must take exception to the meddling of a draft dodger into the military system of justice, discipline, punishment and most of all, the undermining of… Read
Have you ever been lost in a dream, wondering endlessly through the corridors of time, glimpsing images in mirrors of unremembered faces and places? Have you ever felt the coldness of a stare or an unwanted glance that told you more than words could ever say? Read

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There is a darkness that consumes the human mind. It languishes and festers in the seeds of deceit and treachery that spurts the seedlings of chaos and confusion that blossom within the heart and soul of man. Read

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I found it painful and profound to visit Arlington Cemetery when I returned from Vietnam. There, I saw the shallow graves that time could not conceal, and I saw and felt the brevity of life, as I recalled the atrocities and cruelties of war. Read

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A physical sensation, an appreciation, or simply a state of mind. Touch defines our human existence with every sense that we possess and even some we don’t even understand. Read

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There is an obsession within me – a magnificent obsession – to remember the voices now silenced, and to recall the unrealized dreams of those plucked from existence, without resistance – needless mortalities, brutal, barbaric, cruel and insane. Read

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So long ago, when I was young. When I still had innocence in my soul. I saw the face of war up close, and it destroyed the boy in me, and the dreams once dreamt that burned inside of me. Read
The year 1967 is remembered as the 'Summer of Love.’ The hippie phenomenon was in full bloom, the youth culture had finally blossomed and found its voice, and people were wearing flowers in their hair. It was the long hot summer of love and peace and finding one’s self. Read

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War unites confusion and delusions and destroys dreams and aspirations. Vietnam was no exception, and the boys and men who found themselves in the middle of the chaos and madness of war were not immune from the loneliness and heartache of separation from a world of promise and prosperity left… Read

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I remember when I was a boy and then a young man, with promise, and with potential. I was idealistic. I was a poster boy for America – a Valley boy from the Rio Grande -- bright, strong, determined. Those were the days of my innocence. Read
Memorial Day is approaching again. For me, it is one of those days that makes me look back in time to moments, to people, to places that touched my life in some way or awoke an emotion in me. Read
Mourning the loss of friends and total strangers, American GIs serving in the wastelands and vastness of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam are quickly confronted with the reality of war. Read

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In the mist of the fading wisps of smoke that drapes the darkening expanse of jungles and swamps along the desolate road to hell, he stands alone, grasping his M-16, depleted of rounds and hot to the touch. He is alone. The last man standing. Read

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Looking back in time I remember all the fallen soldiers – husbands, fathers, sons and friends. Brave young soldiers each and every one. Afraid to die, and afraid to cry. Brave and innocent, and too young to die. Read
We were supposed to have been the Good Guys! Yet I feel tainted somehow, and have for far too long. We were the guys in the white hats coming to the rescue. So why do I feel guilty? Read
Being a military or combat journalist in Vietnam in 1960-1970 was a unique experience. . . . We saw and experienced the war differently than the regular GI or “grunt” who labored and merely existed from day-to-day in the hot humid jungles, forests and rice paddies of Vietnam. Read
How do you touch a human soul, how do you capture the fleeting instant of a life? How do you explain a feeling that evades you, or a vision that eludes you? Read
I felt much like Jimmy Olsen, the fictional young photojournalist working for the Daily Planet, but I was in Vietnam, roaming the backlands and bush of the Mekong Delta as a combat journalist. Read

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Today's politics is far more than Republican versus Democrat, left versus right, Conservative against Liberal. Today's politics are what defines America's history. As our rights and freedoms are stripped away, as our morals are destroyed and as our patriotisms is abolished, is there any grounds for recovery? Is there any… Read
Eastern European reaction to Putin's attempt of using VE events to build the legitimacy of his regime is addressed via a recollection of the sequence of historical events in the period from 1938 to our days. Read

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