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This is my Christmas message. A bit late. Sorry. Read More

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"Such an entertaining tale, Adam. I could picture it in all its blood-curdling glory. Perhaps it was best to post it that bit late!" Read More

I have been writing lots of poems about love, but if Vitellius was around, he would have paid no attention whatsoever. His main aim was to kill. Read More

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A short notation of an emotional struggle that former, if not current, military service members go through as they become adjusted to civilian life, given that they return to their homeland(s), with their families and friends. Read More
*class-made questions to which i respond, along with links to articles that helped me reach my conclusion; works cited not included since this is a non-formal assignment; effective 11/20/15 by the wpa* Read More


Chapter 2 of the riveting story of heroism Read More


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A riveting story about the risks a common prisoner will take to become a hero Read More


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My perspective of the future. just for fun. Read More

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The Labor Day Speech I wrote, regarding the Efforts of the Military and the Effect it has had on my Generation. Read More

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My thoughts translated into words Read More

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My hopes of my future Read More
Letter to Horace in the US military, from his step father from back home. Read More

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Being a 17 year old boy. With no dreams. Surely mean, its my duty to serve my country. My father will finally be proud of me. I won't be a screw up. I'll be doing something right for a change.- Monologue. Read More
The story of a Christmas missed during World War Two. Read More

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A short paragraph and then a set of links that build the most important ideas of the title. Read More
This is a letter from a Soldier to his wife and unborn child. It is delivered to them after he is presumed dead. I was provoked to write this by a story on The Antiques RoadShow! Read More

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A short piece about my view on war. Read More

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A view on restriction Read More