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Twelve-year-old Beth Clark and her younger brother Otto face each new day not knowing when the next assault will occur, only that it will be at the hands of the people who are supposed to love them the most. Beth strives each day to survive while being the brightest, most… Read More

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Two soldiers sacrifice themselves. Read

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One page screenplay. Victor, a soldier has lost someone named Jasmijn during a war. Read

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2 warriors. Read

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A one-act play based on the events of 9/11. Read

Script / War and Military

November 15, 2014

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war. memorial, armistice. remembrance. Read

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So, here's my very first story of Heroic War Stories. It is about Major Hugh Clowers Thompson and his crew during the Vietnam War. The way he fought for the unarmed civilians and how he was framed and portrayed as traitor by his own government. Enjoy and don't forget to… Read

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General James Grey is an American military General who has recently returned from war, where he was kidnapped and tortured for information. He has OCD and is a hypochondriac and was able to keep his fears under control... Up until now. Read
FINALLY!! After much delay, Chapter 6 is out! Hope you guys enjoy! \\^o^/ With help from Black Rock Shooter, the Marines are sent to Dyre Avenue Defense Line to defend against the Cyclopes and beings known as the 'Apostles'. Read
Black Rock Shooter wakes up in a subway under Penn Station, surrounded by soldiers with heavy machine guns and platoon leaders. Among them is Lieutenant Cortez, First Sergeant Piercen and Staff Sergeant Nomez. When the interrogation began, Rock says she will only speak to Harris. Read
Recovering from the crash, Harris and his squad move quickly to the next defense line and evac park. When encountering heavy fire from the aliens, the Marines abruptly witnessed the arrival of her. Read
A few hours before the Marines were deployed, Sergeant Drake and his SEAL team are being dispatched to the Samoa Islands to find out an energy source below the surface after the earthquake. What they will find out, will possibly be the answer to save the world... or is it? Read
The Marines arrive at Washington Square Park evacuation site. After being sent to go help out a pinned down squad, little do they know what they will face. Read

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On December 2012, PFC Kyle Harris and his team of Marines are responded to a world alien invasion. Little do they know what they will face ahead. Read

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A quote about war... Read
This is episode 2 for my series any feed back would be great Read

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The Story follows two ill fated brothers at war, Now this was for school so its short and sweet you need backg info on whats happened the brothers were in a suprise attack and have been seperated from their squad and have to survive on their own Read

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This is the script of the first episode I wrote for a web series that I plan on making. I would love to hear feedback. Read

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This is a radio play script which is a transformation of the Poem Dulce Et Decorum Est. Read

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Something you must read! Read

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This play is set in two places a dugout in the British trench and a home in England. The Richards as been split apart. Geoff the farther and Eddie the eldest are fighting the Germans leaving Jane the second oldest and Dick the youngest at home. Each scene begins with… Read

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philosophical theory on a new political system: either a gun or a vote..AND work either for state or public, with free basic needs for everybody. Read

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This is a play i wrote several months ago. It is about confrontation between men who think overmuch of themselves and the folly of thinking fair of one another. Read
convoy #2 is assaulting the city, and the war gets more intense as they come closer to Nexus Read
While the convoy is scattered, Jacob and his squad must figure out how to destroy the worm. And Nightmare leads the second convoy to the next city, but they run into problems when they get there. Read
as xzanir and his squad find a way to bring down the building by blowing up the underground support beams, Jacob and Vex must face off against the Emperor elite guard. will they succeed? and for those of you who see nightmare in the story, both these stories are connected… Read