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Welcome to the world of the Cross! This world is filled with monsters, demons, witches, and unholy heretics! Only the Cardinals can keep the sane from the insane, the good from the evil. We follow the adopted son of a cardinal, as he navigates this uncertain world. What will he… Read More

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"Nice beginning. The Cardinal seems like a piece of work! Did he ever get any clothes or is he washing dishes in the buff? Good cliffhanger at th..." Read More

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Ihunanya is a teenager whose mother is a victim of a gunmen's attack on their rural village. Although not physically present during the attack, Ihunanya is no less a victim as she faces the emotional turmoils of caring for a traumatized mother alone. The story portrays the devastating trail of… Read
A short fictional story about some of the volunteers who are fighting in Ukraine. Read

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A short story to remember my time in the Falkland Islands, a conflict between Argentina and Great Britain that ended 40 years ago. It's a series of memories of incidents that I lived through. Read

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What happens to a man when everything is over. Read

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Çanakkale War or Gallipoli (Gelibolu) is one of the First World War's most disastrous and tragic campaigns along the 45km length and 1–2km width Dardanelle's strait of Turkey. Its cruelty has nothing to do with the mythical Dardanos, son of Zeus and Electra and ancestor of the Trojans. Read

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In Donbas, a war was going on between the Ukrainian army and the "militias"; their recruiters were looking for and beckoning those wishing to take part in the action for a high salary. Read

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The war has gone on for longer than anyone can remember. History has unfolded within the lifespan of the war, and it seems the war will rage far into the future. Join interviewer Cherith Betham as she talks with Officer Ronner about the tragedies and triumphs the war has brought… Read

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Just a little fight scene I wrote to practise writing fight scenes and I didn't want it going to waste. Basically it's two gods fighting after all their soldiers fell. Read
1968 the A Shau Valley of South Vietnam. A twenty-two year old U.S. Army Lieutenant finds himself in the fight of his life on his birthday. Read

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The sudden coldness embraces me. I sense my body tense, and then a calmness overwhelms me, and I find myself remembering the darkness and the fear, and the bursting flashes of light as they whizzed by me, and strike the shadows beyond that fall and stumble, as they cruse the… Read

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After 69 years of enduring nightmares and flashbacks. A great-grandson is able to get him to open up and tell his wartime story. What they hear will live with them forever. Read
“I’M NOT YOUR ENEMY” An Explicit and Unapologetic Tale of a Blackman Enough innocent blood of Color of People has been shed over the centuries; the past year has undeniably proven this heart-wrenching and sad reality. Every day in the U.S., countless Black people struggle for their basic rights and… Read
Eighteen, nineteen, twenty-year old boys, off to join the Army. It was so easy and simple to see it that way. A choice for some. A duty to others. And simply a total misfortune for others. All young, most naïve, and all generally oblivious as to the realities of life… Read
Seeking shelter from the sweltering humidity and the overpowering heat of the burning sun, soldiers seek refuge beneath the shade and shadows of the bamboo trees alongside rice paddy fields or village ponds along the Vietnamese countryside. A respite from the intensity of war. A reprieve for the body and… Read

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Vietnam was certainly a dark and ominous place to be, especially in 1968-1969, during the height of the war. But even then, in between seeing the agony of war, and waiting and hoping for a dreamless sleep that might come with the night, for some of us, there were those… Read
I served in Vietnam as a combat journalist. I was 20 years old. Every time I went out on an assignment, I felt like Jimmy Olsen, the cub reporter and photographer of Superman fame. Read
Obviously, men in combat form a special bond – one necessitated by circumstances and by the need for human interaction -- the need to hear a human voice, feel a human touch, and sense a modicum of human compassion. Vietnam was no exception. Read

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Dreams are our escape from the reality before us, around us and inside us. They are a respite from the insaneness and the maddening daily existence that assaults are sensibilities and our lucidity. It is the escape valve for our insecurity and our anxieties. Read

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The sight of a rainbow after a rain is a beautiful and awe-inspiring sight. To see the infusion and precision of colors against the natural canvas of the sky, stirs the curiosity and awareness of nature’s power and splendor. Read
In 1965 The Animals had a hit song entitled “We Gotta Get Out of this Place.” A specific verse in the song quickly became an anthem for soldiers serving in Vietnam. That particular verse or stanza from the song was almost certainly the ending lyrics sung by most performers entertaining… Read

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As Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” would say, “Aren’t we special!” Yeah, we were. Or at least it sure felt like it, and a lot of the time we were certainly treated like it. Read
In 1975 the war for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people came to an end. America’s self-induced nightmare had also come to an end. The American and South Vietnamese governments’ efforts and strategy had failed. The war was over. Read

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I felt so insignificant when I arrived in Vietnam. I was a naïve, short, 120-pound Mexican-American kid from the Rio Grande Valley. And here I was playing with the “big boys.” Guys from big sophisticated cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles. Guys with “war experience.” Some of them had… Read
Serving in Vietnam was no Sunday walk in the park. However, my tour in IV Corps, or the Mekong Delta as a military journalist, afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout this expansive region of South Vietnam and glimpse the beauty and majesty of its valleys, its mountains and its… Read

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In an atmosphere of high anxiety, vulnerability and exposure 24/7, military men and women in a war zone immediately find themselves stripped naked of their individuality, privacy and intimacy. Service in Vietnam was no exception. Read
It is hard to imagine a 20-year old kid from the Rio Grande Valley walking with and talking to an out-of-this world American hero. A hero who had been given ticker-tape parades in New York City and Washington, DC. In 1969, while serving in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam,… Read
In Vietnam the days were long, hot and humid. The nights brought with it the shadows of despair and the sounds of solitude. Sometimes, when the lights went out the night unveiled the demons within for many of us. Read

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students are talked into joining the special forces of the notorious and handsome lt robles. which are fighting terrorists around the world. but things get ugly when one of the troopers' code name birdie3 guns down a wounded young woman holding her child's half body. Read
I don’t think Andy Williams was thinking of the Mekong when he sang his song. And, I was certain there would never be another “moon river, and me” on another PBR with my “huckleberry friends” up the Mekong again. Read

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In Vietnam grief was brief. I learned this through my visits with the troops in the field. . . . Friendships were genuine, but not deep. Close friendships were not recommended. Sometimes there just wasn’t time to really get to know someone. It was a different world altogether. Men coming… Read
I remember the many days and endless nights. I remember friendships and bonds that only a war can make. And I remember after all these many years, the emptiness that forever shrouds a human soul at having seen and heard the suffering, the agony and the death of dreams that… Read
We were soldiers in an undeclared war, afraid to die, and afraid to cry. We were no heroes or brave young warriors. We were just innocent and naïve young boys and men, caught in a maze of entangled webs of lies and deceit. Read
I was one of the lucky ones. I did not earn, nor do I deserve gratitude. I, and so many others, who experienced Vietnam, were just lucky. And now, we cope and hide the tears as best we can, and try to sleep through the night, and through the memories… Read
I believed in so many things growing up along the Rio Grande. I even believed in dreams and was told I could make my dreams come true if I just strived hard enough and believed. I believed in family and in friends, and I believed in God and the promise… Read

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The Evacuation Read

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Pirates of the Caribbean, my brothers and I find treasure Read

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Sending messages to Brigade 2506, Bay of Pigs Read

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The kind of things the military brats can get into on base, in a foreign country. Read

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NEGDEF turbulent times, getting prepared. Read