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how do humans carry on after the fall, of earth Read More

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As Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” would say, “Aren’t we special!” Yeah, we were. Or at least it sure felt like it, and a lot of the time we were certainly treated like it. Read More
In 1975 the war for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people came to an end. America’s self-induced nightmare had also come to an end. The American and South Vietnamese governments’ efforts and strategy had failed. The war was over. Read More

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I felt so insignificant when I arrived in Vietnam. I was a naïve, short, 120-pound Mexican-American kid from the Rio Grande Valley. And here I was playing with the “big boys.” Guys from big sophisticated cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles. Guys with “war experience.” Some of them had… Read More
Serving in Vietnam was no Sunday walk in the park. However, my tour in IV Corps, or the Mekong Delta as a military journalist, afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout this expansive region of South Vietnam and glimpse the beauty and majesty of its valleys, its mountains and its… Read More

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In an atmosphere of high anxiety, vulnerability and exposure 24/7, military men and women in a war zone immediately find themselves stripped naked of their individuality, privacy and intimacy. Service in Vietnam was no exception. Read More
It is hard to imagine a 20-year old kid from the Rio Grande Valley walking with and talking to an out-of-this world American hero. A hero who had been given ticker-tape parades in New York City and Washington, DC. In 1969, while serving in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam,… Read More
In Vietnam the days were long, hot and humid. The nights brought with it the shadows of despair and the sounds of solitude. Sometimes, when the lights went out the night unveiled the demons within for many of us. Read More

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students are talked into joining the special forces of the notorious and handsome lt robles. which are fighting terrorists around the world. but things get ugly when one of the troopers' code name birdie3 guns down a wounded young woman holding her child's half body. Read More
I don’t think Andy Williams was thinking of the Mekong when he sang his song. And, I was certain there would never be another “moon river, and me” on another PBR with my “huckleberry friends” up the Mekong again. Read More

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In Vietnam grief was brief. I learned this through my visits with the troops in the field. . . . Friendships were genuine, but not deep. Close friendships were not recommended. Sometimes there just wasn’t time to really get to know someone. It was a different world altogether. Men coming… Read More
I remember the many days and endless nights. I remember friendships and bonds that only a war can make. And I remember after all these many years, the emptiness that forever shrouds a human soul at having seen and heard the suffering, the agony and the death of dreams that… Read More
We were soldiers in an undeclared war, afraid to die, and afraid to cry. We were no heroes or brave young warriors. We were just innocent and naïve young boys and men, caught in a maze of entangled webs of lies and deceit. Read More
I was one of the lucky ones. I did not earn, nor do I deserve gratitude. I, and so many others, who experienced Vietnam, were just lucky. And now, we cope and hide the tears as best we can, and try to sleep through the night, and through the memories… Read More
I believed in so many things growing up along the Rio Grande. I even believed in dreams and was told I could make my dreams come true if I just strived hard enough and believed. I believed in family and in friends, and I believed in God and the promise… Read More

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A short story about medieval warfare that, shows the price that must be paid for a golden age to happen. Told through the eyes of a battlefield raven. Slight fantasy element, the main theme is the ravens impression of the conflict. Read More

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The Evacuation Read More

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Pirates of the Caribbean, my brothers and I find treasure Read More
Sending messages to Brigade 2506, Bay of Pigs Read More
The kind of things the military brats can get into on base, in a foreign country. Read More

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NEGDEF turbulent times, getting prepared. Read More

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Gigging for Longustinos and almost being swamped by manta Rays 15 feet wide. Read More

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USO, Bob Hope, Zsa Zsa, Voo Doo Read More

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Military protocol, saluting the flag. Read More

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Explaining about my brother Duane's disabilities and the extra effort we made to give him the same opportunities my brother Gary and I had. Read More

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Describing my mother in this chapter, she was one of a kind. Read More

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Living on a restricted military base was confining. My brothers and I were always in search of something to get into. Like exploring the reef every chance we got. Read More

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Life in Gitmo Read More

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Private first class Aneesa and her friends are in the IDF, this story follows her in Golan squad through numerous battlefields against Palestinian forces Read More

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A short story set in the Vietnam War. Lawman and his Squad of Marines are sent deep into the jungle on a recon mission to gain intel on a supposed VC training camp. Warning... It Contains, gun violence, bloody gore, and profane language Read More

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The Nam. Blood Trail. Part two of this short story set during the Vietnam War. Two US grunts are lost behind enemy lines, they make their way through the jungle hoping to find a way out of their desperate predicament. Warning... Contains bloody scenes and some profane language...... Read More

Featured Review by Serge Wlodarski

"Excellent capture of the brutality of war. You don't need vampires to tell a horror story. " Read More

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The Nam is a 3 part story telling the tale of a US Marine recruit, and his tour of duty in the Vietnam War. Warning! Contains bloody violence, and profane language. Read More

Featured Review by AdamCarlton

"Well, that was a photorealistic wild ride! A vignette of a futile war. One of so many." Read More

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Another "Bobby" story of another imaginary adventure in The Ravine. Read More

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Personal Log 4-3-8 Centurion; Code Name Doc Read More

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Very cold and snowy days make it easy to sit in a warm office and write, which I love to do. I have a vivid imagination and six and two-thirds fingers that love to pound out stories. Though the majority of my stories are Christian in nature, some are not.… Read More

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Gabriel Freeman, a US military special operative working on a mission, goes through a devastating failure and ends up in a cell. He plans to escape and take vengeance on the man that caused him to wind up there. Read More

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This short story is one about a strange neighbour that is prejudiced even though people don't know what he's been through in his life Read More

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911 sad day in our history. Read More
BRUXELAS - OTAN : Turquia e Grécia concordam em desenvolver as conversas técnicas ... "Após conversas minhas com líderes turcos e os dois aliados gregos caíram concordaram em iniciar conversas técnicas na OTAN para criar mecanismos militares de prevenção de conflito em ... Read More