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Two worlds collide in a scene of total normalcy. Read More
An anti war piece, the powerful think you'll never catch on. Read More
This is a short story baced on the song The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Mack has always dreamed of marching in the black parade and serving her country however on tour she finds out that a group of rebels have planes to disrupt the celebrations and no one… Read More

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Story about a young reporter who has to deal with the insanity of the Vietnam War. Read More
A chapter from the story of the fictional nation of Wensimbi, told from the perspective of four different characters. The annual address of Lethabo Dlamini, leader of Wensimbi, will not end like they expect. Read More

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a short story recap on the dark post-election violence times. based on true events. fanaticism is real and it takes away our humanity. to what end would you follow a politician? Read More

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This short story talks about the horrors of war and finding inner peace within yourself. it also shows us the not so obvious reasons why war is so traumatizing. Read More
A hitman recalls his last mission and how it changed his life forever. Read More

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A description of a character from a classic story of war. Read More

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United States Colonel and demigod Kallie Veandra shares her story and her words of wisdom of how you can't let stereotypes get you down. Read More
A slice of life of police officer's wife! Read More


This is my first short story/book that will be completed. It is about the Kaiserschlact Offensive in 1918. I hope you enjoy it. Share it with you Booksie friends. Read More

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This is a fictional retelling of some of the war stories my grandfather told me as a kid. It is about Scott Bernard, a Canadian who survives the battle of Diep and spends most of the war in an Oflag, a Nazi prison camp for Allied officers. It is a… Read More

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A woman and her children struggling to survive in the midst of war. Read More
a short tale of a pilot Read More

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Sniper in WW2 in a unwinable battle against the allies. The Germans suffer a terrible defeat by the hands of the Allies and some routing soldiers get shot in the back. Read More

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A young soldier stands with his brothers against an enemy charge on his trench. Read More

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A short story of some young soldiers. Read More

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It was war, It was different than any sport, any humain activity that existed today, It was a barrel of a rifle pointed at another man just waiting to be spent and send the molten hot round bullet into the body and when it exited it also pulled the soul… Read More