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"This is absolutely wonderful! I'm really looking forward to have this being opened in more countries! ^^" Read More

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Gabriel Freeman, a US military special operative working on a mission, goes through a devastating failure and ends up in a cell. He plans to escape and take vengeance on the man that caused him to wind up there. Read More
This short story is one about a strange neighbour that is prejudiced even though people don't know what he's been through in his life Read More

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911 sad day in our history. Read More
BRUXELAS - OTAN : Turquia e Grécia concordam em desenvolver as conversas técnicas ... "Após conversas minhas com líderes turcos e os dois aliados gregos caíram concordaram em iniciar conversas técnicas na OTAN para criar mecanismos militares de prevenção de conflito em ... Read More

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one night in the life of a soldier at the border. the mixed feelings of love for country and family when one ws loosing all his hopes. Read More
This is the story of Joshua Huskins. A soldier, a leader, a friend. Told from the perspective of his peers, live through the incredible stories that turned Huskins from an average soldier, to a legend and role model for everyone who knew him. Read More
Tarkov is a ruined city, where PMC's (Private Military Contractors), fight over resources and information. Locals, called "Scavs" work to both defend their former home, and to hoard their own wealth. However, there's a darker undertone for everything happening in these ruins. Read More
In this story "Losing The Lost" you go through the life of Dan Brooks, he is in the Army and he has to make a choice. With his mental health gradually slipping day by day, will he be able to float above hell? Or drown in it? Read More

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what happens in a war.... is it only a battle of death... for someone it is, but what for the innocent who bears the war, in and out Read More
This is a story about patriotism, but whether patriotism is good or bad will depend on the reader and the perspective from which they interpret this story. Read More

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Back Home is a short story about a boy in 1940's England who is awaiting the return of his Father who has been fighting in France. The story is taken form diary entries from a young boy called Harry and his returning Father James. You are taken through a soldiers… Read More
Part 1 - a speech made by a member of the Hire-ark-ee. This is a dramatized presentation of actual future events. Many of the ee-dikts have revealed themselves down through the ages - only now there is an arrogant push towards totalitarian oppression. Note how the state-owned mass media are… Read More

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This short piece is a prelude to Where Gods Command Mere Mortals Must Obey - coming soon! Read More
When you cast away your life, your purpose, your sanity, and your everything to fight for your country... You'll find joy in despair-filled, madness inducing war. And with that, you'll go down with immense patriotism and insane smile. Includes violence and gory stuff. (I took inspiration from Youjo Senki OP… Read More

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A soldier, being the last man standing have a chat with an unlikely fellow in black. Read More

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The word stage of a desperate elite serves its koo de grahss! Read More

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A moment of reflection. Cover image: Read More

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"A very well written story, tension builds really well and the inner conflict of the sniper so believable. Great job, Hully. " Read More

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A journalist pays a visit to a veteran who's a great story about his life, at least that was what he was told by his boss. This veteran faces a series of dramatic entrance of trouble after one decision, that changed his life. Read More

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What happens when you occupy another’s land can manifest into a violent response. A foreign garrison is under severe attack, their salvation is the massive air support. While the ground battle rages the salvation faces the gauntlet of a prepared enemy air defense. Who wins the contest? Story’s bedrock is… Read More

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A little boy misunderstands the drama taking place between his parents during a WW2 bombing on a nearby city Read More
The drawing of the mysterious map, all that remains, is from an unknown operation called "Red Tail". Where it is stored, 14 tons of Nazi gold in the United States. A short story about the secret of the treasure map of Nazi Germany, which says about 14 tons of gold… Read More