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A new day here. Just love to do the best of all hearts who loved your family. May be this home is unforgettable in my words. May this be loved ever always so dearest. :) Read More

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...go for someone dump sell for cheap se eit gorw bubstats of iggntion to rich and wnybti know hackers Read

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this is the first 4 chapters of my first book. i would like to have some reviews. Read

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Justice comes to Evangelina's Bawdy House Read

Chapter 1

Book / Westerns

May 28, 2023

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Native American, aided by a spiritual brother, attempts to unite the tribes in order to defend their way of life against the US Army. Read

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Two separate drifters, a Mexican and a Texan, approach a southern Texas frontier town to seek a drink then be on their ways. Adversarial from the beginning, the two engage in a gunfight that will change their lives forever. Read