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The novel involves the bittersweet journey of a young, idealistic attorney who takes on the role of academic dean at a for-profit business school in New York City in 1987 knowing nothing about the industry. Unable to accept the way things are, he immediately launches into a personal mission to… Read More

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Another Saturday, and another Bobby Story in the Ravine series. This time Bobby goes west and has an adventure. Read More
Ruthless train robbing killers Hack Sawyer and Stan Kerns seek a means to a quick fortune through blood and lead. What cost would you be willing to pay for the life you want? Kerns and Sawyer discover their cost as they try to outrun the law but can't outrun their… Read More
"Bloody" John Tull has carved a brutal path thru his life with lead & death. Once again he is on the run from the law but this time he stumbles into a town which seems to admire even revere the outlaw. Could this be what he's been looking for all… Read More
Famed actor James Rutherford cones to town and there he meets a charming young woman who would love nothing more than to be alone with this debonair gentleman. She has her chance when the two share a stage to the town of San Quetzal. The ride is one that will… Read More
Micah Foster, injured, on foot and alone in the brutal San Toranado Desert, comes face to face with a stranger who poses the toughest decision of Micah's life; what would you give to stay alive? Read More

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In 1886 in the lawless and relentless Western America, a man arrives from the East to seek fortune and fame. Arriving within a town in Texas, he stumbles upon a mysterious note that leads him into an adventure that changes his life. Read More
Can the most vile, stone cold killer without soul or conscience stumble upon redemption even when he's not seeking it? Hoyt Maddox, a man with no remorse or regret, faces such a circumstance when he comes across the remote Mission of St. Uriel. Is it another embassy of faith for… Read More
A curious traveling troubadour wanders into Crossroads and into the lives of some of its residents with mysterious results. But someone else has come to town as well and with them comes a dark foreboding which will leave the lives of some folks forever changed. Read More
For Christmas 8 yr old Billy Flynn wants to get rid of a bully so he wishes upon a star for help and help arrives in the form of notorious outlaw Reno Rogers. Read More
Stanley Braxton is a desperate man on the run, the only problem is... he can't remember who or what he's running from. He'll find his answer in Crossroads and it won't an answer he can live with. Read More
When a legendary gunfighter decides to turn over a new leaf his dark past comes to call him out for one final deadly showdown. Read More
Crossroads is a town on the edge of the West & the supernatural. Easterner Dexter Pennyworth arrives with a big dreams, a dream which soon become a nightmare by the menacing outlaw Deke Dawson & his deadly six-gun. It's life... or death here in the west. Read More

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The story of a bargain an outlaw makes with the Devil. Read More

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Though this story is portrayed years before my time, I grew up in quite similar situations as a very poor farm/ranch son. We hunted jack rabbits, coyotes, raccoons, and badgers and sold them to a local creamery. We milked 23 head of cows by hand and separated the cream from… Read More

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It is 25 years after Rose Banner's first visit to the Alamo. She has returned, hoping to meet her strange friend from that first visit. Supposedly, he visits every 25 years. It is a mystery that needs solving. Read how it all turns out. This story is the sequel to… Read More

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A quick tale of three folk who are forgotten by the dust. Read More

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A native Texan, Martha Henderson wanted her daughter Rose to have an appreciation of the past and a better understanding of how the State of Texas came into existence. She took her on a visit to the Alamo where Rose has a life-changing experience. Read More

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Enjoy my take on a Western, set in my fantasy world. Read More

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Sometimes you don't get but one mistake. Read More

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After murder and theft, talkative outlaw meets the Kid in saloon in late 1870's. Read More

Short Story / Westerns

April 17, 2020

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Cheaters never win Read More

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Novelette - 1856 - an eight year old boy and seven year old girl are brutalized by Indians, then by an outlaw gang, the boy's mother murdered. Rescued by a Texas Ranger and adopted by him, the boy grows up to acquire the skills needed for him one day as… Read More

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A lone Rider comes to town, seeking vengeance on a gang of murderers. Read More

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A traveler mysteriously comes across a Midwestern town with a bizarre store that seems stuck in a time warp. Read More

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Old west. A man and woman are chased by a posse. The woman, De Miller, can she bring fortitude and live? Read More

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Tate Huntington survived the horrors of the war between the states, but the battle to face up to the killing, well, that battle is still being fought when Tate rescues a young woman forced into prostitution and does it the only way he knows: with a gun--which starts a battle… Read More

Short Story / Westerns

November 12, 2019

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ghost town Read More

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A shell-shocked Civil War veteran wanders the West trying to outrun the bad luck that seems to follow him where ever he goes. Read More

Short Story / Westerns

August 14, 2019

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The Rattlesnake Gang's one bad day. Read More
My entry for the Booksie Short Story Competition 2019 is the first one of a collection of twenty stories, some serious, some light-hearted, set in the Wild West. They are much shorter than the ‘Sunset Stories’ that are also part of my Portfolio. Like the Out West tales, each one… Read More

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Unforgivable is a western written by Genny Mikel a long time ago adapted from a script intended for film use. In 1873 a peacefully retired gun fighter, former Confederate cavalry man George Rogers is running his business when his old gang, run by Wesley Sterns, whom he disliked as a… Read More

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In a world gone to hell, a man journeys through the desert. Read More

Short Story / Westerns

April 21, 2019

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Harry is a trail boss leading caravans of people out west to search for their fortunes. It's his job to make sure his charges make it to California safe, even from themselves. Read More

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A haughty gunslinger meets someone who isn’t quite what he seems. Read More

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A gun-slinging gambler comes to Silver Rock and challenges Sheriff Duggan to a gun duel. How long can he resist when his friends are cheated in a crooked card game and one is wounded confronting the gambler? Read More

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it's the year 2048, the whole world is a wasteland. the setting is in texas where groups of people in the west texas area are now exploring towards the east. tribals like the sentinel tribe already have a big chunk of the east. many wealthy men have established a border… Read More

Short Story / Westerns

December 10, 2018

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A short story about Cash Johnson, a sheriff, and Charlie Bucker, a bank robber and unhinged man, set in the hot wild-west of Arizona. Part of the 'Shorts' collection of short stories available on Amazon. Read More