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Prompt: Walking through a dark asylum. Voices call out, what do they say? Read More

Short Story / Westerns /

December 23, 2018

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On a cold lonely night, a cowboy enters the camp of three strangers and tells them a story. Read More

Short Story / Westerns

December 10, 2018

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Sheriff Duggan Stories #3: Can't anyone stop the coming range war between a powerful rancher and a land-grabbing farmer? Not even the son of one and the daughter of the other? Read More
Sheriff Duggan Stories #2: One man claimed a swindle, the other claimed a square-deal, but when a once-in-lifetime storm flooded the disputed land, tempers flared and turned deadly. In the end, was any land worth the killin to settle the score? Read More
Sheriff Duggan Stories #1: A man arrives in Silver Rock with the hope of starting a business and reviving the local economy, but two drifters don't like foreigners. His arrival fans the flames of hate, resentment, and prejudice that ends in tragedy for the whole town. Read More
A short story about Cash Johnson, a sheriff, and Charlie Bucker, a bank robber and unhinged man, set in the hot wild-west of Arizona. Part of the 'Shorts' collection of short stories available on Amazon. Read More

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Juez trails four murderers to Silver Rock City, AZ. After killing the sheriff, the four men hole up in the saloon, drinking and busting up the place. Juez steps through the doors, kills two, and wounds another, but is fatally shot in the gunfight. Read what happens next in this… Read More

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Shot and left for dead by three bank robbers, Dewey Gibson has no food, has a wound that's becoming infected, and is a week's walk to the nearest town. Read More

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Lonesome in Lodem is about the character Roland Abernathy, a cowboy for hire who has lived on Lodem for a couple years now after serving in the galactic military. Read More
In this short story, a wandering outlaw gets spooked by a lone homesteader... and for a good reason. Read More

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A thriller in a Western setting, about a gunslinger looking for his next paycheck. Read More

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Just a fun little blur Read More

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You are going to feel the weights being removed. Everything you do will become more enjoyable. only when you express the truth by developing Courage. #soulfulLife ~David R. Hawkins M.D., PH.D. (Letting Go) Read More

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Riding for a cattle ranch might be rough work for a man even these days, but saddling up as a woman and expecting the same respect on the job is even tougher. Read More

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Short Story / Westerns

December 20, 2017

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Follow up to " The Gunsmoke of a Rifleman." Read More

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