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Are you depressed? Do you need therapy? Come to Stand Strong! We are a peer support therapy group with REAL psychologysts, councelers, and therapists! We have daily activities and more! Read this for more information! Read
No customers equals no business. Customers is the backbone to the survival of any business. The question is how best can you provide customer service with Excellency? Let's find out. Read
It is very possible to move at a speed of a supersonic jet going in the wrong direction. Direction is more important than speed. It is important to focus more on results more than the time and effort you put. Time is just a vehicle meant to transport you towards… Read
success is not sexually transmitted. you don't give birth to success, you work for it. it is time to command your success and rescue your dream from remaining stuck beyond the horizon. you are what you invest in you. just like a computer; gigo, garbage in, garbage out but l… Read