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January 15, 2018

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Its all about crushes and how they affect our lives Read More
A short narration of my life as a 22 year old suburban in Rome, Italy. Talking about the modern struggle of the youth for emotions, love and friendship in an Italian context. Read More

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I was feeling sad and just started writing. Just something off the top of my mind. I highly recommend listening to Madness by Sleeping with sirens. That song I was listening to while writing this. Read More
Suffering is not the answer; look around yourself there you will find the solution, which is inside in your soul. Read More
This is just a quick description of my character Kendan. He will be a Main character in a novel that I am currently piecing together. I may post a couple chapters soon. Read More

Miscellaneous / Young Adult

September 23, 2017

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Elk Ridge is an ongoing collection of chapters that will show the lives of several families in the town of Elk Ridge. Their is a little bit of everything that will be shown. From romance to mysteries to shocking plot twists. The story will be reminiscent of a soap opera. Read More
This the first thing that I have ever written..its very personal and it made me who I am today..give it a read and let me know where I can improve. Thank You Read More

Miscellaneous / Young Adult

September 08, 2017

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A short story about life, love, and the latter possibilities Read More
So you are in a new school where no one knows you, trying to make a fresh start. But can you, really? Read More
Even though friendships are often torn apart, that does not stop forces from bringing it back together. Read More

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This is about gin who's is the main character and we follow along as he tackles some of life's crueler side. Read More

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This is a short extract of pharos. I started writing this a year ago. If there are any mistakes please notify me i like feedback. Read More

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This is only a part of a story, not a full one. Comment down below if you think this story is worth continuing. Read More

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A short description of how I used to feel and sometimes still feel about myself in the area of relatonships. Hopefully, other people will relate and realise that they are not the only one out there to go through something like this. Read More

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This is a plotline that came to my head on a weary day and I decided I wished to post it for ideas and feedback. The plotline is most certainly not a finished copy, as I wish to perfect the ideas and concepts before I finished the writing. Read More

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Help me decide which book to write based on these blurbs. Comment below telling me which you would most want to read. Thank you so much! Read More

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Ella always thinks about the worst case scenario. She lives her life battling with 'what if?' thoughts on a daily basis. One day, these thoughts seem to become a reality for her as Ella finds herself the victim of a horrible case of bullying. Yet, she did have it coming,… Read More