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After an unforgivable betrayal, Meaghan cut off contact with her sister Laura. Now that Laura is dying, their father begs Meaghan to make peace. What Meaghan learns in the process tells her she was right all along. Read More

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I wanted to write something that played around with an apocalyptic setting, and this chapter was born (November 2015). The protagonist is a young teen that has survived on his own (with his dog of course) in the wilds of an unknown future, and now must decide if he should… Read
Are you going through a rough time? Rough relationships? Long or short something always seems to be wrong. Tired of people always trying to find someone to blame. Start looking for yourself before looking for someone to blame. Like in The Bible, when Jesus says," He that is without sin,… Read

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Ever since the incident, Emma promised herself she'd never set foot in a school ever again, but another unfortunate turn of events forces her to break that promise and leads her into situations she doesn't feel comfortable with. But there's nothing she can do to stop them, she is now… Read

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A piece of musing about my characters who have waited a long time for me to continue writing their stories. Read

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This is a book full of random short stories! Yep you heard that right! Random short stories! Please enjoy! Read

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what's wrong with me? why can't i cry? why can't i force myself? but yet... why am i in so much pain? Read

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If you are extremely puzzled that the person you are currently with remains your "special person" or not, then please go ahead and read. Read

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True fact about nature,life etc. Read

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why is he here??. "I have no idea", Dior says. "what?", i ask. "i said i have no idea why he is here", she replies. I said that out loud? i look at Dior and she is admiring him. "damn Dior why are you looking at him. scowl with me",… Read
Become one of the founding members of a new kind of society, which is divinely ordained to transform the world. Read

Miscellaneous / Young Adult

November 13, 2019

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I wanted to tell her everything, but I wasn't going to pour my heart out... Read

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I just need some guidance and ways to go forward.. I didn't know where else to post this so I decided to come here after looking at multiple websites. Read

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I know the wino. Read
An anecdote of my first international travel. Read
Just a little thing I wrote in the moment. Read

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I am writing this at a very critical point in my life. A point where I should be more reactive towards my circumstances, but I am numb. Read

Miscellaneous / Young Adult

January 15, 2018

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Its all about crushes and how they affect our lives Read
A short narration of my life as a 22 year old suburban in Rome, Italy. Talking about the modern struggle of the youth for emotions, love and friendship in an Italian context. Read

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I was feeling sad and just started writing. Just something off the top of my mind. I highly recommend listening to Madness by Sleeping with sirens. That song I was listening to while writing this. Read
Suffering is not the answer; look around yourself there you will find the solution, which is inside in your soul. Read
This is just a quick description of my character Kendan. He will be a Main character in a novel that I am currently piecing together. I may post a couple chapters soon. Read

Miscellaneous / Young Adult

September 23, 2017

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Elk Ridge is an ongoing collection of chapters that will show the lives of several families in the town of Elk Ridge. Their is a little bit of everything that will be shown. From romance to mysteries to shocking plot twists. The story will be reminiscent of a soap opera. Read
This the first thing that I have ever written..its very personal and it made me who I am today..give it a read and let me know where I can improve. Thank You Read

Miscellaneous / Young Adult

September 08, 2017

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A short story about life, love, and the latter possibilities Read
So you are in a new school where no one knows you, trying to make a fresh start. But can you, really? Read

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This is about gin who's is the main character and we follow along as he tackles some of life's crueler side. Read

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This is a short extract of pharos. I started writing this a year ago. If there are any mistakes please notify me i like feedback. Read

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This is only a part of a story, not a full one. Comment down below if you think this story is worth continuing. Read

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A short description of how I used to feel and sometimes still feel about myself in the area of relatonships. Hopefully, other people will relate and realise that they are not the only one out there to go through something like this. Read

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This is a plotline that came to my head on a weary day and I decided I wished to post it for ideas and feedback. The plotline is most certainly not a finished copy, as I wish to perfect the ideas and concepts before I finished the writing. Read

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Help me decide which book to write based on these blurbs. Comment below telling me which you would most want to read. Thank you so much! Read

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Ella always thinks about the worst case scenario. She lives her life battling with 'what if?' thoughts on a daily basis. One day, these thoughts seem to become a reality for her as Ella finds herself the victim of a horrible case of bullying. Yet, she did have it coming,… Read

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Just as short angry letter I wrote after my boyfriend of four years ended our relationship. Read

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This is something that is true, its about true love. Read

Miscellaneous / Young Adult

September 05, 2016

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this is how i felt growing up, it was sad but it was all true. Read