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how do humans carry on after the fall, of earth Read More

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its a very good short story read and enjoy. Read

Short Story / Young Adult

October 02, 2023

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Young deviant-boy get his punishment. Read

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a recommended to read short-story of a young adult. Read

Short Story / Young Adult

September 23, 2023

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Warning ... some adult language in this boxing "love" story. Read

Short Story / Young Adult

September 18, 2023

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A young man invites a young woman out on a date only to discover her true feelings towards him. Read

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a very short story Read

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how important exactly is a sister? Read

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What will it take to save the world? A hero? Or a little bird… Read

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What does it take to reunite two sisters? Certainly not a ‘sweet’ old grandmother Read

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Short Story / Young Adult

September 02, 2023

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Written for the AI short story contest Read

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Turns out Charlie is in some big trouble after all. On top of his abusive behavior, he has gotten himself entangled with the wrong men in business, and is found owing and wanting. His wife Annalise seeks to find a way out, but if she attempts escape, Charlie and (his… Read

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Jim and Joe are friends throughout elementary and middle school but in high school Jim ends the friendship. But Joe gets back at Jim and Jim feels wrong for listening to his cousin. Read
Msitu and Harmony Ametsenya are two impoverished orphans trying to navigate a world ruled be greed, selfishness, and ego. In a world where most people don't give a second thought to the people below them, Msitu and Harmony are among the lowest. Msitu is older and fiercely protective of Harmony,… Read

Short Story / Young Adult

August 24, 2023

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Jim leaves medical school after two bad clinical experiences Read
Gia, a patternless giraffe, feels out of place. Guided by a wise elephant, Gia learns to blend into the savannah through movement and adaptation, becoming an inspiration for unity and embracing uniqueness in the wild. Read

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Jim has a long time crush on his friend Susie, but then she and his friend Robbie start dating. He loses both of them as friends and leaves home only for school. With help from his mom, Jim makes new friends through a "safe rides" service for weekend party goers… Read
Mimi, a kind elephant with big feet, embarks on a quest for new shoes due to soreness. She seeks the Enchanted Shoemaker atop Crystal Mountain, who crafts magical shoes. Mimi's shoes create cushioned paths and joyful melodies. Returning, she spreads happiness in the jungle, sharing love with her friends. Read
In the wilderness, a beakless penguin named Percy and a trunkless elephant named Ellie form an extraordinary friendship. They overcome their limitations by using their unique strengths to survive. Their bond inspires others. A magical ceremony grants them their missing features. They become heroes, rescuing lost animals. Their story spreads,… Read
A reflection on ephemeral moments and teenage experiences Read

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The tragedy of the ferry incident would forever change the course of Zara's life, setting her on a path of darkness and revenge against the one she now knew was responsible for her parents' untimely demise – her own uncle, Leonard. Read
A young woman named Sarah Larsen gives birth at home in Lawrence, Kansas. Read

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Once upon a time, there was a whale and a snail who were best friends. The whale was named Humphrey, and he was the biggest whale in the ocean. The snail was named Snailbert, and he was the smallest snail in the ocean. Read
this started as a short story for my english class but is currently in progress to become something more. beware this story has triggers of self harm and mental health. Read

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After shopping in the mall, Mary steps into an ordinary elevator to go home, but when the elevator goes black, she hears a laugh. then sees a ghostly face. Will she become a bride of the dead? Read
A young man finds a very unpleasant surprise one morning and must face something entirely unexpected afterwards. Read

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When Clarissa visits Maria, she thought Maria was strange. Then Maria wants Clarissa to be her sister. Will Clarissa accept Maria’s odd request? Or will she refuse and risk their relationship? Read

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Nature is a beautifully hostile place filled with fertility and opportunity however to those willing to unveil its secrets, it can be an unwelcoming entity. Read

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A Cloudy Day is a short moment capture that explores the reality of depression and anxiety. It explores the deep feelings expressed through the description of a cloudy day. Read
A young female karate champion, Wenqiao Jiang, gives birth in her backyard in rural California. Aged 18 years, she is unlike most Asian-American girls, having struggled with ADHD and poor grades from an early age. Read
23-year-old Jessica Zhang, a student at the Manhattan School of Music, gives birth to her son after the sudden collapse of society. Read

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Chaeyoung Park, a young woman, decides to slide down the chimney at the home of her piano student and gets stuck. Will Amber and Abby be able to pull her free? Read

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this is story is about the aunt of gopi devi when she was 12 and visited in her aunt house west bengal. Read
Mom explains the absence of Marty, Miley, and Monty's father Read
Changes are happening between the besties Read
Marty was disappointed when his soccer injury benched him for awhile Read