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Hi Booksie World,

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I wanted to tell you about a writing tool I use that offers free and quick proofreading. Before I publish anything on Booksie or offsite, I put my writing through it to make sure I don’t have any critical spelling or grammar errors. It’s called Grammarly.

About two years ago I downloaded a free version of Grammarly, and it has been very helpful. The tool scans your writing - short stories, essays, articles, etc. - and points out grammar and spelling mistakes. It scans anything that is in your browser - emails, posts, messages, you name it. I’ve found it be extra helpful when drafting an important document or email. Grammarly has caught problems that I wouldn’t have spotted otherwise and allowed me to fix the problem and avoid embarrassment.

Here’s an example of the corrections Grammarly made on the original draft of this article.

Grammarly example

Notice that it highlighted the word mispel, which should be spelled misspell. It also recognized a place where I inserted an extra comma (I did say I was bad with commas).

I’ve fixed those problems and now have a cleaner draft to publish.

Using Grammarly

You can start using Grammarly for free on the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. There is also a free download for MSWord and Outlook. The free version provides critical grammar and spelling checks. I use the free version and, as I said, find it to be pretty helpful.

Grammarly also offers a Premium version with advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure. It also offers vocabulary enhancement suggestions and genre-specific writing style checks.

You can download the free version of Grammarly by clicking here.

I do want to be upfront and let everyone know that Booksie is an affiliate of Grammarly. We earn a very small fee (very small) every time someone installs a free version. But we only became an affiliate after I used the tool and can vouch for how helpful it is.

- BooksieGuy

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