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Booksie is a free social publishing site that provides a place where writers and readers can connect from across the globe. The site provides writers with a place they can develop and post short stories, books, poems, podcasts, and more. It is designed to inspire writers to unlock their imagination. For readers, Booksie is a place to discover up-and-coming writers, make friends, and help support the next generation of creative individuals.

Over the past ten years, tens of thousands of writers have posted hundreds of thousands of short stories, novels, poems, articles and more.

Booksie FAQs

What type of content can I post on Booksie?

Booksie is site for writers 13+ and has a wide variety of age groups. As a result, adult oriented content is not allowed on Booksie. You can post short stories, books, poems, articles, essays, and more. In addition, you can also post songs, audio versions of books, and podcasts.

Does this Cost Anything?

Just your soul. No, just kidding. It’s free to publish and read.

Do I retain ownership of my work?

Yes, absolutely. You retain full rights to your work and may do with it as you please. Please see the Member Agreement to view our rights policy.

Can I become famous on Booksie?

Why not? Many of our writers have received millions of reads and some have received publishing contracts and sold tens of thousands of copies of their book (see Screaming in the Silence). Write someting you love, post it, build a fanbase and audience, and you might see your name in the big lights.

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