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Women have a number of unique nutritional needs and choosing the right kinds of foods and drinks can have a positive effect on their health. As studies have shown, choosing certain food groups and beverages can help in improving health and preventing certain diseases.

We  want to share some of the foods and beverages that can be beneficial sources of nutrients and that will contribute to you having a healthy body.

1. Lemon water boosts metabolism and increases weight loss.

8 Foods and Drinks That Can Boost Women’s Health

Lemon water is very essential in the digestion process since, as we get older, the amount of acids in our stomach declines. A study shows that over 30% of women were found to have atrophic gastritis, which is a condition that is marked by little or no stomach acid.

Lemons are great for weight loss since they are packed with flavor, but thankfully not calories — the juice of an entire lemon has only 12 calories, but a whopping third of the daily recommended value of vitamin C. But it’s more than just a diet-friendly flavor-booster. It aids in weight loss since it helps you fight hunger cravings, as well as detoxify the liver.

The citrus flavonoids in lemon acids also have detoxifying abilities that aid in fighting cancer and reducing inflammation.

2. Raspberry leaf tea aids in reducing menstrual cramps.

8 Foods and Drinks That Can Boost Women’s Health

Raspberry leaf tea, also known as the woman’s herb, is a well-known drink that is beneficial in women’s health since it is naturally high in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the female body. It contains iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins B, A, C, and E.

It is commonly used by pregnant women to ease and shorten their labor, but it has also been proven to ease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), heavy bleeding, and painful cramps. This is due to the high vitamins and minerals that it contains that balance hormones and strengthen the uterine walls. When making the tea, you can always add real raspberries (see above) for an extra flavor boost. >>> SHOW MORE

8 Foods and Drinks That Can Boost Women’s Health

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