The Abandoned Publishing House

George Kennedy followed the strange man down the block passed abandoned cars and trash filled gutters.  The few people on the street smirked and watched him with the eyes of a predators.  He quickened his step and caught up with the real-estate agent.

“This doesn’t seem like a very nice neighborhood.”

The man laughed, “Kid for what you can afford this is a fucking damn nice neighborhood.”

George was working as a waiter as he worked on his first novel and between food and other essentials, he didn’t have much left for rent.

“Come on kid, it is just up here.”  The man opened a gate leading to a heavily overgrown yard.  “Right through this gate kid.”

George stopped and looked at the signs on the fence.  The Keep Out sign was pretty standard, but what was with the other one.  “That sign says ‘Trespassers will be shot and eaten, possible not in that order.’”

“Don’t worry about the signs kid.  You will be fine as long as you remember a few simple rules.”

“What rules?”

“First and foremost, do not eat or drink anything Ian gives you.”

“Who is Ian?”

“You don’t know Ian, I’ll introduce you, then you best avoid him.”


“Just do it.  Second, do not touch the tomatoes in the back yard, they belong to Frank the Spider.”

“Who the hell is Frank the spider?”

“You will know him once you see him, he has eight legs, and eyes.  He is also the size of a small car.”

“He sounds like a giant ass spider.”

“He is a giant spider that is why it is best not to touch his tomatoes.  Third don’t poke the guy in the cage.  He bites and the cage isn’t locked.”

“Why would I poke a guy in a cage and why put him in a cage if you aren’t going to lock it?”

“What kind of sicko are you wanting to lock people in cages?  As for poking him, he asks people to do it, but even if he begs don’t.”

George was starting to feel scared.

“Fourth, never go in the basement.  We are still looking for enough the last person to do that for a proper funeral.”

“What is in the basement?”

“Some of Ian’s experiments may have escaped and got down there.”

George was about to ask about Ian’s experiments when he was slapped in the face by an overpowering odor.  “My God that smell is worse than raw sewage.”

“Oh, the smell, you will get use to it in about a week, if you survive.”

“What do you mean survive?”

“Just follow the rules and you’ll be fine.”

“How much is the rent?”

“Ah … you are an atheist, aren’t you?”

“Yes, why?”

“So, you don’t believe you have a soul so rent won’t be a problem.”


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