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MY STORY My name is AJAYI BLESSING. I was born in year 3rd position of my mother children,my mother gave to 4child(3child and 1daughter) Am male,some years ago I was gave birth to in a town called "ifaki in ekiti state". According to what I asked my grama,she told me that I stay with my My mummy for only 1(1/2)years before I was took to her because my parent fought because my father marry another lady and were separated before I was born,my mummy was in this problem when she gave forth to me, since she found it very difficult to care for me,I was demanded from her to my grama .this is how I started my journey with grama .I love my grama so mush,although she was old but she care for me according to her own capacity because things were tie,I can stil remember when a we were use to buy cassava to made garri and fufu for sell',that me and her we share a pako biscuit in day,any time will cook rice it always be like a Christmas and some many other things that I cannot be mention here online. Due to insufficient strength it cause my education to move sluggish, I started primary school in 2000 (Anglican Methodists primary school ifaki ekiti,Nigeria) I went there by myself because i saw myself who is support to be in school which was not so,I gather money where I use to work in timber industry,I carry wood for pay,this how I started school,I was not easy nobody to help, nobody to care, no one to guard me,I see no one to handle me because am little Young then,it pain me a lot, all this have a little effect on my academic,but I thank God that I know him early, God by his holy spirit he control my life. In 2005 2pm on Tuesday something terrible happen between me,my father and my mummy what really happen this,i was told to pay money for common entries(primary 6 examination) so I ask my mummy she said I should ask my father, I ask my father he said I should ask my mother, this is where problem came form that none of them able to pay this money because they don't have, this open my eye to some things,I worked and my grama gave a little she has.I sat for the exam in 2006 in ifaki grammar school ifaki ekiti and i wrote it and pass,I was gave an admission in that year to ifaki grammar school. In 2009 I leave to Aaye comprehensive high school after i pass junior wace examination in ifaki grammar school. when admission to Aaye comprehensive high school, i made up my mind that i will start learning work as well as going to school,so i went for ( Bedford mechanics)this how I finished secondary in year 2012,but I have D7 English, I don't allow the result to move me,I gather money in 2013 I sat for another exam I registered for 3 oleve(waec,waec GEC and nabteb) and I pass then all,after this I wrote jamb and I was gave admission to federal university of technology Minna in year 2014 to study telecommunications engineering. I really thank God for his love in my life and I was very all my 100level my mind was not settled (why?) All the money I have I pay acceptance fee 20k,school fee50k and I left with none thing I just need to manage no food,no accommodation, no time to work thing was hard and tie for me but i try to manage to finish that level and I was promoted to 200level it took me time before I payed my school fee it was even about to closed before the money was ready but after I payed this money sir and ma I cannot afford a cup of garri,it look as if i should go back home but i endure during lecture I will go and look for work so I can eat and buy material to read. During second semester examination I got sick,to the extend that I cannot read i just manage to write all my exam, all work that I have been during demand for their right in my body, i don't money,i don't have food,I borrow garri from room mate to survive because I have strength to look for work, the laborer work am doing i can't to do anymore......please sir and ma I believe that God is about to open a door for you and God will use you for me,sir and ma I need sponsors I need job that I can be doing, so that my effort in school will not be in vain. Please I really need help,their are some ideal I have that can create jobs in this country but I see nobody to help me out Thank you for reading and for helping I pray to you God the Father as your son and daughter has read this story and his or she makeup her/his mind to help me I demand for a favor and protection from your daddy and your blessing Angle to follow this one in the name of Jesus, Jesus do this so your name can be glorify thank you jesus amen MY CONTACT +234712103008

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