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<p>This is a fiction story about Two Women who become friends.</p> <p>An ongoing story is different from a novel in many ways. It&#39;s more detailed. It has a variety of plot lines. Many main characters. The story is posted in sections. This particular story is split up into days. Every day starts with a Character waking up and ends with a character going to bed. This story is NOT intended to be written in one setting. This story is a cross between a comic book (without the pictures), a blog, and a written down TV series.</p> <p>This is a: Romance, about business, about relationships, commentary, talks about faith, issues, sexual content (not porn), and it&#39;s different.</p> <p>I hope you enjoy.</p> <p>You can read more of the story on;</p> <p>A note: At this moment I&#39;m the only one working on this story. So forgive me if the grammar isn&#39;t perfect, or if the site isn&#39;t the best, or if I don&#39;t post the next installment as regular as I&#39;d like. I&#39;m trying. One day I hope to make a living writing this story and have a team hired to work on it.</p> <p>R.P. Voght</p>
An Ongoing Story: Ashleigh and Megan

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