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There are many amatuer authors out there whom one day want to become published authors, and booksie has always seemed like a good place to start. However, while there are many readers on this website, books which an author may be serious about one day publishing seldom recieve the feedback, and comments that they deserve.

So, what a better way to recieve feedback than to be within a group that is focused around such a thing?

The idea of this community (or "house" as booksie reffers to it as) is that people will freely comment on other's works, trying to be as helpful as possible, and with only books of the same genre, hopfully you'll find a work you enjoy reading (as opposed to feeling as if you have to comment to recieve a comment), and give feedback to the author.

I have made the house private because this kind of writers group would only be possible to those whom are serious about writing, and will actively contribute as well as give feedback, so if you are serious, then just send me a message, and I will gladly let you in.

Aspiring Fantasy Authors

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