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My House. My Life exposed to seek reality as I go along to find sense in all of it, I'm searching to find the truth. And until then, I won't, I cannot, will not rest.  So I am experimenting attacking this task creatively and I cordially invite you along with me on my journey down the rabbit hole, into my past 1920's- til present. Nothing is certain, for revealing secrets from the past is my mission, good, bad or as ugly as it's gonna get, this nonfiction writing task has been hounding my memories to seek out the stories that make up my project, 'MY SLAG VALLEY SECRETS".

I am multi-tasking, using digital video creating my chapters to provide solid proofs, irrefutable evidence, as the building blocks are there, I just need the confidence, the will, the need is powerful, deliberate anger is evidently read between the lines, and I'm sure if you don't shed a tear or two you have missed the essence of my audacity, but don't worry, I will present it more ways than one, to prove the factual intent of the characters in my stories made their decision on a "do or die basis."

I will endeavor to fight my emotions until I get to the end of my quest to face the truth once and for all concerned, as for those of you who know me personally and are powerfully implacably involved in these stories, I make no apologies! You have the right to comment, hope you take it as personal as I have, to feel the anguish between the lines, in life, we shared back in our heyday. Should you find yourself in my book, feel free to tell me what you really feel in your comments. That being said..., in addition, know you will be obliged with me to define the truth together.

Nevertheless, I will persevere! I have challenged my own limitations on the pain and sorrow it will reveal as my heart plunders into the abyss of my yesterdays. The journey is upon me now, for my everlasting incessant obsession to investigate for the truth before I die, is ticking, tick-tock,..., time is fleeting, my love was demanding and is unforgiving to successfully appease these ambitions. 

And I shall endeavor to do so, with you, so I am not alone. I must travel within my own heart to find the secret to the secrets once long ago that I pondered..., now I face my own inevitabilities in the  "Wayback Time Machine" of my mind, heart, and soul.

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