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Welcome brothers and sisters, we are the deranged travelers. We live, dream, and write in between the blurred line of reality and fiction. Imagination with no gravity.This house is for the happily insane writers who take surreal concepts or bizzare situations and use them to create horror (sometimes humuorus), science fiction, unusual poetry, adventure, or anything else that fits in that box. "We are the contently deranged travelers imagination is our station- wherever we go, our words will flow  until we've reached our destination !" -Watson  And for you horror fans, Mike so greatly puts it: "I'm sure you will like it here in this house of mazes within mazes, dreams of many layers, laughter with enough steam to propel any ship, insanity that brings about sanity, horror with hallways to hell. You'll dig up bones, step in puddles of blood, sleep in graveyards, run from scarecrows, receive shock therapies of countless kinds. You'll board trains headed to the deepest, darkest caverns of hell, and you may be pursued by some."

Contently Deranged Travelers

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