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As the story goes the Liberty Bell was damaged during the trip from England to America.(Some believe it failed by being cast improperly) Either way it cracked upon use.

I can think of no better symbol to exemplify the state of the union now.

Instead of having the bell recast the people insisted on it being ‘repaired” only to have it break again and become symbolic of the division and stagnation we currently see.

Not only does this, supposed, symbol of freedom need to be recast, but so does our entire system.

The divide between the citizens grows wider/deeper everyday.There are those who would see change and those who fear change. Never understanding the system has been “fixed” too many times, therefore becoming as useless as a bell that does not ring, just collects dust and remains as a symbol of the hypocrisy of the founding fathers, which leads to the paradox we are currently experiencing. There is no “fix”that will lead to the fundamental change we desperately need, not only for ourselves but for generations who will have to cope with our ineptitude/inaction in the future.

If we truly want to resolve the only way is to recast the bell: essentially taking the material we have now and making it better as something new but in reality a much better version of the same. Remove the offending material that created the crack in the first place, heal the divide in a manner that leaves it more beautiful like the concept of repairing pottery with gold as opposed to the “good enough for now” approach of a few bolts to prevent it from being torn asunder, like we see in the liberty bell today- Cynthany


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