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It was 1 AM and Malcolm and I could not tell how many miles were left before we got to Yorktown. This year was going to be a white Christmas, but a freezing one.
     At midnight a blizzard had started to accelerate faster forcing us to go faster, because both Malcolm and I wanted to reach Yorktown by 5:00 AM.   
     I was on the verge of going crazy when Malcolm said, " we'll Daniel, I think that the best thing for us to do would be, is to pray to God that he can help us through the night. "
     That really set me off. I then bellowed in frustration, " How many damn prayers do I have to say! Because non of them are coming true! "
     As soon as those words left my mouth, the carriage slipped on the hill - just as we were about to make a turn - and we plundered into the water...
     But the weird thing was, that when we both came to our senses, we were both lying on cots at someone's house.  How could this have happened when we were no where near any town for miles away. No one would have dared to go out searching for us in the blizzard. 
     I heard a lady's voice speak behind the doors to someone that Sounded like an old man.
     When the lady came in, she explained that we were both found lying out in the cold about 20 yards from the town.
    " What town is this? " I asked. 
     " Why this is Charlestown. " she said, looking at me as if I was going crazy. 
     I could not believe it. How could we have ended up in Charlestown after falling plundering into water. 
     Later that night when Malcolm and I were alone in our quarters, Malcolm suggested, " Daniel, perhaps we some how were transported here after you said questioned God about how many prayers you have to say in order for them to come true. All you have to do is think of how to apologize to God and everything should be back to normal. "
     " We'll I'm not asking for forgiveness. "
     Two days had passed, and once again I was getting sick of being stuck in Charlestown. So without thinking I said out loud, " I just want to go home. I'll do anything to be with my family right now. "
     And all of a sudden both of us were in our carriage riding towards Yorktown - which was in our sight - 
     We both arrived at our family safely and had a great time. 


I guess that God has many ways that he can speak to us just love he did to me when I said that I'll do anything to go home.


Based on a story that I heard over the radio on Christmas Eve.

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