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His name was Jessie Cole. And at Sixteen years old his life was filled with homework, girls, back yard cook outs and staying out of the way of the school bully ‘Denny Wilcox. Not for fear of the bully. His concern was for the bully. Jessie stood five foot six he weighted about a hundred and forty pounds just the right size for the school bully ‘Denny Wilcox’ to pick on. Then one day. Denny tripped Jessie in the cafeteria. Milk sandwich’s and Jessie went all over the floor. Everyone laughed. Jessie brushed himself off. Then, asked Denny why he did that? Because I can and get away with it dummy. He said. Then Jessie said. Don’t take a whole lot to amuse you. Then he thought. "Damn" why did I say that? The bully jumped to his feet. Saying, I’ll meet you under the bridge where the train goes across. Jessie said. You really don’t want to do that Denny. The bully gave a laugh and walked off like he was angry. Well, the rest of the day past, then came the time to go home. And as Jessie walked down the street He saw Denny as he came to the train trestle. There were about ten or twelve kids waiting for the big fight I’m going to beat you stupid Denny said. Jessie said. Come on Denny. You really don’t want to do this. Denny gave a laugh and reached for Jessie. When Denny grabbed Jessie’s shirt a strange thing took place and it scared Denny down to his very soul. All of a sudden Jessie changed. His whole body looked like the most hideous thing anyone could imagine. The head of red gravel the face of tar boiling gravel his eyes looked like two pits of molten lava boiling as if they were going to erupt at any second, and arms of black and red hair, no hands just snake like tentacles at the end of both arms. The waste down was human leg’s that bent backward at the knee, the feet were two claws and a sharp pointed heel. A cape was part of his body and he pulled it around Denny and he saw every evil thing he had done in his life then this monster "Jessie" spoke; in a low growling voice. I was once as you are now. I bullied my way around until one day I bullied the wrong guy and this is what happened. The people who were there saw no difference or change in what Jessie looked like. What’s wrong with Denny? He had this strange look on his face; no one had ever seen this kind of fear on Denny’s face before. You are about to change your attitude Denny Wilcox. Anything, Denny said. His hands crossed to block this monsters face. Just don’t hurt me. This is your warning. Change your ways today no more bullying. If you choose not to heed this warning, then I will return and wrap your heart in thorns and vines you will never be able to remove. As the monster left he gave a freighting laugh that echoed as he disappeared and Jessie stood there in his place. How do you feel Denny? Jessie asked. Scared as hell is how I feel. I will never bully another person as long as I live. Well Denny, I’m glad I could get your attention I’ll be on my way now, no one will remember I was here but you. You have a second chance. "And in the voice of old ugly" he growled. Don’t blow it. Then Jessie Cole was gone.

Doolin Carrico


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