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This group is centered around encouraging writers of all kinds as they make their own writing creations.  This group is open to friendly criticisms but our main goal is to provide each and every writer with the encouragement necessary to keep them writing and never give up, to give them ideas to add into their books, and provide them with the motivation needed to create something great.

All writers need a sense of worth when it comes to writing and they can find it in many ways and this group can provide that worth.  My personal reason behind always trashing great book-worthy stories were due mostly to not being given a reason to continue.  It was always just me writing without anyone taking an interest in what I had to offer.  We are all interested in what new and experienced writers have to offer and we want to see each and every writer finish 100%.

So join this group and be a part of a provisional experience to encourage the writers of this generation to commit to their writing and give us something great to read.

Encourage Writing Inc.

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Founder: Caleb M. Perez

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