The Fem-Fan-Sci-Fi Publishing House

The Female Fantasy and Science Fiction Publishing House is a welcoming site where female writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy are free to post their short stories and novels. My name is Amanda Stein and I am the founder and moderator.

I promise you will be given as much support in your writings as you desire. I will be an active moderator. I will welcome each new member and promise to give a review to every posting.

I encourage full interaction on this site. We will have writing contests, seminars, a full range of relevant discussions concerning the nature of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and anything else we may come up with. And of course we’ll also have a lot of fun.

Even though I’ve set up this house for all the female writers of Sci-Fi and Fantasy on Booksie, male writers are welcome to join and post here as well. (As long as they are respectful and behave as gentlemen).

I look forward to all of you becoming a member and reading all of your extraordinary writings.


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