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<p>Helllloww World!!! this is Miss Twinklespark from Maldives. *says in the voice of chuck from Angrybirds*</p> <p>(actually a person who recently finished high school and living a lazy life) *narrating too fast*</p> <p>*coughs* *ehem*</p> <p>alright sooo i am gonna bring you ghost stories from this place... its far more creepy and sometimes it is really funny for me. so i will update a ghost story and we can discuss about it and alsoooo i would like to hear your TRUE yes!! truthfuly true ghost stories because i like it. ;)&nbsp;</p> <p>so in this house you can share all your ghostly ghost stories and we can just comment about them. thats all...&nbsp;</p> <p>ah and also if there are any writers please let me know about your stories if you have written in this site so i can go and read it. whatever genre is fine &lt;3&nbsp;</p> <p>i am a writer too and reads too, my top most genre is Erotica, adventure and fantasy, all my stories are based on these three genres.&nbsp;</p> <p>for now i won&#39;t be uploading any novels since i havent finshed all of them.&nbsp;</p> <p>enjoy your time here. and thank you</p> <p>&lt;3&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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