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The #1 House for collaberations and inter-house family! :) 


- This is for the writers who need a new place to call home. 

- This is for the writers that want to be heard. 

- This is for the writers who were born to be more than average.

-This is for the writers that want to be heroes.

-This is for the writers that want to help Booksie grow.

-This is for my little Spectres!

-This is for writers who want to be Ghosts!

House of Ghosts

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Jova Coy




Country: CA

Foxx Mann

Country: US


The 5th Horseman

Country: MY


Country: US



Country: US



Country: IN


mademoiselle m

Country: DE

Jack Sanders

Country: US


For You Margo

Country: US

Anthony Blackthorn

Country: GB



Country: US


Country: US


Timothy Smith

Country: US

Ricardo Mojica

Country: US


Fox Bradly

Country: US

Stevie McBobby

Country: AU


Adam Ahsan

Country: US

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