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James Ellis is the author of several books, which include ‘The Mirrored World,’ ‘The Enemies of Angels,’ ‘The Lord of Souls,’ ‘The Fairytale Thief,’ ‘The Secret of the Woods,’ ’Tinsel & Heart’ and ‘The Art of Over Thinking.’   He is also the author of the comic book series ‘Modern Days’ as well as thirty editions of his collected song lyrics. Occasionally he will write a children’s picture book like ‘The Cat & the Brand New Hat’ or a short story like ‘The Boy Who Loved Clouds’ or a theatre play like ‘A Matter of Light and Darkness,’ or even several annual poems written for his nephew about reaching the ages of three, four and five respectively.   But mostly he writes books, long books and short books, books that weren’t meant to exist and books that were supposed to be short stories but somehow got out of hand.   If you asked him why he writes he would say ‘Because I’m a writer.’   One day he plans to write a book that doesn’t have snow in it or any form of tree.
James Ellis

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