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<p align="JUSTIFY"><b>James Ellis </b>is the author of several books, which include <span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">The Mirrored World,</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN"> </span><span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">The Enemies of Angels,</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN"> </span><span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">The Lord of Souls,</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN"> </span><span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">The Fairytale Thief,</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN"> </span><span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">The Secret of the Woods,</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo; &rsquo;Tinsel &amp; Heart&rsquo; and &lsquo;The Art of Over Thinking.&rsquo; </span><span lang="EN"> </span></p> <p align="JUSTIFY">&nbsp;</p> <p align="JUSTIFY">He is also the author of the comic book series <span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">Modern Days</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo; as well as thirty editions of his collected song lyrics.</span><span lang="EN"> Occasionally he will write a children</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN">s picture book like </span><span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">The Cat &amp; the Brand New Hat</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN"> or a short story like </span><span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">The Boy Who Loved Clouds</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN"> or a theatre play like </span><span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">A Matter of Light and Darkness,</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN"> or even several annual poems written for his nephew about reaching the ages of three, four and five respectively. </span></p> <p align="JUSTIFY">&nbsp;</p> <p align="JUSTIFY">But mostly he writes books, long books and short books, books that weren<span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN">t meant to exist and books that were supposed to be short stories but somehow got out of hand.</span></p> <p align="JUSTIFY">&nbsp;</p> <p align="JUSTIFY">If you asked him why he writes he would say <span lang="EN-GB">&lsquo;</span><span lang="EN">Because I</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN">m a writer.</span><span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span></p> <p align="JUSTIFY">&nbsp;</p> <p align="JUSTIFY"><span lang="EN">One day he plans to write a book that doesn<span lang="EN-GB">&rsquo;</span><span lang="EN">t have snow in it or any form of tree.</span></span></p>
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