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Jeffery Carter: A New Orleans "French Quarter" bartender and Bourbon Street "Male Entertainer" turned out to be an active serial killer from 1982 to 1986. *(His killing actually began in 1973 when he was 13 but due to juvenile record laws we can only focus on his adult record)* This young man who became an expert pilot would fly hookers and drug addicted young women to his remote hideaway in the Louisiana wilderness for his murderous lust. Occasionally, after repeatedly sexually abusing his hapless victims he would set them free in the freezing woods and hunt them down with his high-powered hunting rifle. Other times he would beat them to death with a hammer, or hack them to death with a machete. The lucky ones were strangled to death. 

Jeff had a police record starting in Florida as a teen when he killed a fellow friend his same age,13. He served time for the murder of his friend at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna Florida. While living in Louisiana, and in other states, he had several run-ins with the law involving assault with a deadly weapon, and a shootout with gang members where he was shot in the shoulder. On yet another occasion he was shot by police after exchanging gunfire with a police officer. Jeffery Carter befriended a man named  Adler Berryman "Barry" Seal. Barry was a professional pilot who owned and operated his own aviation business, and who owned many airplanes; Barry Seal was also (on the side) flying drugs for the Medellin Mexican cartel. Barry Seal was eventually arrested for flying in millions of dollars of quaaludes and negotiated a plea bargain with United State Federal Prosecutors. Barry was sentenced to a halfway house operated by the Salvation Army for a short amount of time. The federal government used Barry to build a case on the cartel as part of his lenient sentence. Barry was able to have a car and maintain employment while living at the halfway house. On February 19, 1986 Barry Seal was executed by three Colombian hit men while he sat in his Cadillac car. Prior to Barry's drug arrest Jeff Carter moved away from New Orleans and went to work for Barry Seal in Mena Arkansas, where Barry Seal had began an aviation related business. (Barry also had a wife and children in Baton Rouge Louisiana) It is believed that Barry Seal invested a great deal of time teaching Jeff Carter to become a pilot. Jeff Carter relocated back to New Orleans after Barry Seal was sentenced to the halfway house in Baton Rouge Louisiana. It is believed that Jeff Carter changed his name to Jeff Todd after Barry's murder, although that reasoning has never fully been examined. On Christmas Day 1986 Jeff "Todd" Carter sexually assaulted a 26 year old woman suspected of being a prostitute. Eventually that woman died as a direct result of her injuries imposed on her by Jeff Carter. Jeff Carter was arrested the following day while working at his employment as a bar manager in the New Orleans "French Quarter". Eventually Jeff Carter pled guilty to this crime and served his time at the maximum security prison known as Angola, (20 years) The Louisiana State Penitentiary. There has never been enough legally compelling evidence to support an arrest and conviction for any other crimes that Jeff Carter has been suspected of. Many in law enforcement believe that Jeff Carter is now living a rather secluded life. Others in law enforcement believe Jeff Carter is a Florida mobster, affiliated with the Dixie Mafia. It is believed that Jeff Carter is HIV positive, HCV positive, and battling cancer. Karma.


I am a Private Investigator who back in 2006 was hired by a client to solve a particular case where Carter's was suspected to be involved. In that case I was not successful in my endeavor. I have since then became very intrigued about Carter. I have taken up Carter as a hobby. I've learned much about him, on my own and with the assistance from law enforcement officers across this great country, and even from Mexico. Carter is to be considered an International gangster. He is rumored, believed to be a wealthy man, possibly having millions of dollars, a loner who lives in an RV in Madison Florida. He's an old man now who is rarely seen. I still have informants who keep me abreast of him. When he does travel he goes to Tampa, Orlando and Daytona Beach. I believe he is part owner of a beach front condo in Daytona Beach. I know he owns, or partly owns at least one airplane. He once told an informant that if he was ever arrested for a petty crime and his bond was $1.00 he wouldn't pay it. He'd stay in jail and make the county/city pay for his tens of thousands of never ending doctor bills and medical procedures. Frugality at the highest level. Man may never judge him, but God will.


Jeff Carter, The Dixie Mafia

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