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I went from loosen everything because of a job to just my clothes, a few items in the house , to moving in with my co workers , and it seem like the only things that helped me sleep at night was my dude and the voice of my family .  I stayed with my friends and his family before leaving for my parents where everything was perfect. I stayed there for about 1week until I started missing my boyfriend. Remind you he was at a friends house and he was working. I moved in with them along with my animals . The guy hit on me every time he had a chance he bought me whatever seem good huh ? No he was old as dirt and his house was filthy ass hell . His house had the nastiest odor I have ever smelt it smelled like death.i just knew in my head that in a few months we will be out into our own place . He we are living in filth meanwhile trying to keep a smile and remain positive which seem life the hardest thing in the world . For me to keep my sanity I played with my animals and expressed myself to my spouse. Every night I laid my head down I was stressed . My man and I lived in this 1 room we ate there we peed there yes I said peed which was in a cup not a toilet because his toilet had pluming issues . Well let me explain more ... the entire house was nasty ever when I cleaned it up he messed it right back up and didn't think anything of it because of his health issues . He had poo all over the toilet and the shower had pee in it everyday even when I clean it out . This man was beyond nasty . So we had to poop in a bag and take it to the nearest dumpster to keep it from smelling . We were not okay with any of it but we had to because he was my last option. This man thought because it was his house he can command my dogs to disobey me I check that shit right than and there . Now to fast forward a little ... I noticed a few bites on my body think it was mosquito bites I noticed it was flea bites when I found one on my arm after it bit me so I collected them over the course of 2 day I started out with 10 . I vacuum the carpet took my dogs baths and put bacon Soda down to get rid of them next day I found 10 more and I know there's more . You never know what the next person is going through because I am at this point where I can about to have a nervous breakdown for real. To be continued!!!!!

Life as it is

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