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I am glad to learn that Loyola College-Mettala is bringing out its College Publication from the academic year 2018. I am very happy to state that Loyola College, Mettala, has grown abundantly in the past two years. It continues to sustain its growth. People reading this works from college students will recognize the tremendous growth that is taking place in the college campus. The publication, presenting the glimpse of the growth of the institution on many fronts, stands as a witness to the monumental efforts taken by the management to make the college a centre of excellence in education in the Diocese of Salem. I am sure that this publication comes out to inform, engage, inspire and entertain a diverse readership. This publication makes an earnest attempt to bring out certain aspects of the college to the eyes of the public, so that they may understand and know the college better. I am sure this college scales to greater heights in the years to come and serve many more in the society. I congratulate the administration of Loyola College Mettala for its efforts in making this publication a brand ambassador of the young and vibrant college and I wish all success in your efforts!   Rt. Rev. Singaroyan D.D. Bishop of Salem

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