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I've looked at the other houses and I don't see any designed for a children's author.  I am currently working on a fantasy, science-fiction book for the middle-grade/young-adult.  However, I can write realistic fiction, as well as non-fiction and have written for the primary grades. Therefore, this house is opened for those who write children's literature.up through young adult.

When it comes to comments, one must always remember it's merely an opinion and should consider the source.  If constructive criticism and/or praise comes from a children's editor or a published author in the field, then one is fortunate to receive this input.   

As I have learned over the years, always complete the work before going back to edit.  Otherwise, you might not finish it. The first part of the book or the story,will probably be the last you'll edit.  So, when it comes to comments, look over them as food for thought, but keep on writing.

Enough write!


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