The  Fact Of Every Human     Part 1 (Problems)  I) 1-4 years old everyone will carry and kiss the baby. .It feels uncomfortable. II) Kintergarden learning A,B,C,D III) School Life ( Exam, Report Card, Tuition, Class Ranking, Teacher ‘s Complaint, Result) IV) College Life ( Exam, Assignment, Presentation, Carry Marks, Pointer, CGPA, Internship,              V) Looking For Job ( Apply the Job, Attend Interview, Competitors around,  Perform well                                   than others) VI) Job ( Every work place there will  be someone who irritate us, Must perform well than                him, Get a good name from Boss and each minute survive in the company ) VIII) Future ( Marry, Bank Savings, Childrens, Their School, Their College ,Must watch them                      and bring them in a good way) VIIII) Get Old ( Disease)   Basic Problems in every human’s life… Everything have to settle but still someone will compare us with another person.     Part 2  ( Happiness)   I)   Love ( Loving Parents, Loving Wife, Loving Childrens, Loving Grandchildrens) II)  Enjoy ( Enjoy  school life, Enjoy College Life) III) Caring ( Caring  Friends, Helpful Friends.)   The Fact Of Human Life. Life there is sadness and happiness too.We must be smart to balance both. The problems will never end. Don’t find the problems but when the problem come to you don’t be  craven. Face It …                                                    A MESSAGE BY                                                       R.A.RAO                                       (ARIVIND RAO RAMAKRISHNAN)                                                                                THANK YOU

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