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<p>( &nbsp;&nbsp;LIFE &nbsp;BATTLES &nbsp;) &nbsp;LIFE BATTLES &nbsp;if you knock &nbsp;me down today i will get back up and FIGHT you &nbsp;Tomorrow even hurt bad and falling hitting the Ground. &nbsp; LIFE i am STRONG Standing like &nbsp;the Wind and&nbsp;&nbsp;a ROCK if you make me cry sometimes in HATE &nbsp;and Climbing the EDGE of &nbsp;my&nbsp;LIFE BATTLES today.&nbsp;&nbsp;YOU don&#39;t know the DRIVE in me if am TESTED &nbsp;i will FIGHT to the end giving up is not a WORD i know for you to. &nbsp;NOW i LAUGH if you want me to Give up and BOW DOWN to you over again DAM! i can&#39;t see that never to. &nbsp;YES in LIFE you might want me to &nbsp;NOT get back up or&nbsp;&nbsp;walk away all LIFE BATTLES for me. NOW &nbsp;&nbsp;you might&nbsp;&nbsp;make &nbsp;it HARD &nbsp;for me better&nbsp;&nbsp;think again i say be coming out SWING maybe even &nbsp;have bloody&nbsp;&nbsp;Both &nbsp;FIST from me still your see. &nbsp; TODAY my&nbsp;&nbsp;Life &nbsp;i will for&nbsp;&nbsp;be 99 yrs &nbsp;only the DEVIL can stop my &nbsp;LIFE BATTLES in me. &nbsp;SO GO AHEAD &nbsp;IF KICKING me and even got me crying to &nbsp;in LIFE BATTLES ok&nbsp;&nbsp;you won this ROUND today. &nbsp;BUT better look out TOMORROW am here &nbsp;again ready to FIGHT to&nbsp;&nbsp;my END then &nbsp;laying in a GRAVE &nbsp;no more LIFE BATTLES will me then. &nbsp;Because i will&nbsp;&nbsp;be stone&nbsp;cold and&nbsp;&nbsp;dead &nbsp;my LIFE BATTLES now&nbsp;are all forever up in heaven and &nbsp;gone&nbsp;in me.&nbsp;. &nbsp;THE END &nbsp;by Mick Gunn 2018 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

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