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Nine Skulls Knights is a group for those who wish to write horror/romance/historical fiction and everything in between! ROLE PLAY IN THE FORUMS ALLOWED. Because of the ominous name, many will come looking for darker pieces and the picture will point to adult content. While those are allowed, trigger warnings must be placed if a trigger may be there. Most already know of this but I'm reminding you again to check your work before you post! Adult content, same thing, put AC or ADULT CONTENT or something to warn younger readers of the presence of AC. While I will accept nearly every request to join I do ask for applicants to send me (JINXED) a message telling me your (REAL) age and reason for joining. Please and Thank you! Fox dollars is our currency. The more fox dollars you get the more stuff you can do! What you ask? I have no clue as of yet. But, to get a fox dollar, you have to post a piece of your work to our house. Every read you get is a red fox (50 cents),every comment is a kit (25 foxes), every shelving you get is a den (50 foxes). Haha I don't know Ill figure it out one day :P
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