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<p>Nine Skulls Knights is a group for those who wish to write horror/romance/historical fiction and everything in between! ROLE PLAY IN THE FORUMS ALLOWED.&nbsp;Because of the ominous name, many will come looking for darker pieces and the picture will point to adult content. While those are allowed, trigger warnings must be placed if a trigger may be&nbsp;there. Most already know of this but I&#39;m reminding you again to check your work before you post! Adult content, same thing, put AC or ADULT CONTENT or something to warn younger readers of the presence of AC.</p> <p>While I will accept nearly every request to join I do ask for applicants to send me (JINXED) a message telling me your (REAL) age and reason for joining. Please and Thank you!</p> <p>Fox dollars is our currency. The more fox dollars you get the more stuff you can do! What you ask? I have no clue as of yet. But, to get a fox dollar, you have to post a piece of your work to our house. Every read you get is a red fox (50 cents),every&nbsp;comment is a kit (25 foxes), every shelving you get is a den (50 foxes). Haha I don&#39;t know Ill figure it out one day :P</p>
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