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It all started with one night when Talia Jones was about to to go to bed. Suddenly her phone rings, Talia looked over to the chair across the room where she sees the light of her phone screen on. Talia kept her phone across the room in a chair so that it would be easier and faster for her to wake up in the morning because she would have to get out of bed so she wouldn't be late for school. Talia rapidly gets up and runs to get her phone and all of a sudden she sees a text from Mary Cruz, the most meanest and popular girl in the school. Talia took a deep breath and slowly opens her message because she knew damm well that whatever Mary had texted her wasn't good. When Talia looks at the message it said "Hey Talia nobody likes you. Stop being so desperate and just die already, you will do everyone a big favor sweetie" after reading that text from Mary, Talia had a frown in her face and with water in her eyes like if she was about to cry, and so she did. Talia was hurt, talia had been bullied since 5th grade because she was different. Different as in that she didn't like what most girls liked so ever since, girls bullied her because she was "wierd" and wanted to have friends so other girls called her "desperate". Talia slowly walked back to her bed with tears in her eyes, crying herself to sleep and trying to forget but she couldn't. The bullying had been going on for so long that she couldn't take it anymore. It had been following her for 6 years, every rude and disgusting comment. Talia was strong, stronger than most girl but she just couldn't live with it anymore. Talia have had a rough life for example her parents divorced when she was just 5 years old because her dad cheated on her mom and after that divorced happened, talia never saw her dad again! So she lived with her mom for the next 12 years, with her drug addict mom. Talia basically had to take care of herself and of her mother. The next day at school right at the second when talia opened the doors to the hallways everyone looked at talia in a gross look as if she wasn't a human like if she was wierd and ugly and even disgusting. Talia put her head down and fastly walked to the girls bathroom where she had found herself with Mary and her group of friends or you can even call them "Mary's followers". They all started laughing and Mary said "oh no look how sad she looks, how pathetic right girls" the girls started laughing very loud and replying "yes how pathetic" to Mary. Talia ran out of the bathroom and started crying with such sadness in her eyes as if all she wanted to do was kill herself and be done with everything. Talia ran back to her house, ran upstairs and locked herself and the bathroom. She filled her tub with water and got a knife. Talia slowly got in the tub sobbing. She laid down and started cutting her wrist. The tub started filling with her blood. Talia was sad and all she saw in her eyes was the color red and all she felt was nothing, nothing at all. No pain because her broken heart had been filled with so much pain that she couldn't feel anything. Tears coming down her face. She submerged in the water until she felt that her head touched the tub. She staid for a solid minute. It was getting harder to breathe every second. Suddenly she cant hold it anymore so she fights and fights and fights to stay underwater. After those 30 seconds of her fighting she stoped. Talia Jones was dead. Talia's mother wasn't home because she was with her friends doing drugs. After that day the news of Talias death was all over Texas . Everyone at her school regretted treating her like if she was different and wierd and Mary and her friends apologized to Talia in her grave. After Talia died everything changed.
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