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Friendly & Approachable ethos is to encourage clients to chat with a friendly consultant in confidence and build confidence through information, advice and guidance, nurturing towards the right choices and solutions for their children.
Building Relationships Once we’ve helped clients to find the right solution for one dilemma, we continue to maintain close contact, often over several years, supporting clients when decision-time approaches. 

Consulting is hard work with long hours and high pressure job requirements. There are often tight deadlines and even tougher people that you have to get along with, work with, and please. The upside is, consultants tend to make a lot of money and usually it is doing something they really enjoy and are good at. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a career as a consultant is whether your personality, skills, and what you want from a job really complement a consulting career. As an all-or-nothing type of job, only you can decide whether you can really succeed in such a socially demanding, service oriented, and challenging career. 


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